36 thoughts on “Autumn Gallery

  1. Wonderful gallery, CG. It has been a while since I saw some landscape photos on your blogs. These are truly beautiful!

    • Thanks Paula. It’s been a while since I shot landscape photos.

      There was a lot of great scenery in our old neighborhood (also on my way to work), but now not so much… In general the camera gets a lot of rest these days. There’s nothing interesting to photograph where we live and my way to work is just boring with gray buildings, industrial shit holes and poisonous traffic on the high way.

      • 😦 I can complete relate 😦 We live in the centre of the town, though Zagreb is very green and it takes us a full hour to get back from work by car – the traffic is disastrous 😦 I hope you you have recovered completely from your bug; mine turned into a chronic sinus infection and now I work with open windows in air draft with temperature.

  2. Gorgeous photos, CG! Was that your own pumpkin patch? 🙂
    I read your reply to Paula, here in the comments, and I feel exactly the same way, so my camera’s gotten a lot of rest too…

    • It’s a shame that the camera gets a lot of rest. It doesn’t need it 🙂
      I captured the pumpkin at the botanical garden last year. Unfortunately we don’t have a garden or anywhere to grow things of that size…

  3. Nice aside for you ! Hope you are feeling better. How’s that boy of yours? How old now?

    • Yes, it’s good to have the opportunity to go for a walk in the nature even if you live on the city. It’s all in the proximity of our home, except the pumpkin which was shot at the botanical garden.

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