Mixed technique: digital drawing / Photoshop

Mixed technique: digital drawing / Photoshop.  The street is called Storgata and it’s in Oslo.

Storgata in Oslo. Digital drawing & photoshop.

Storgata in Oslo. Digital drawing & Photoshop.

It’s a rather boring street and there’s nothing exciting going on there. Sometime around the end of the 1990’s this street held an illegal nightclub that was open all night, but after a while the police closed it down. That’s all I have to say about this drawing and this street. If you have anything to add that I haven’t already mentioned: feel free to write a comment.

EDIT: Decided to add the original photo.

Storgata, Oslo. Early one summer morning 2012.

Storgata, Oslo. Early one summer morning 2012.

22 thoughts on “Mixed technique: digital drawing / Photoshop

  1. Your interpretation seems apt. There are no cars, there are no pedestrians, anything that moves.
    but the colors are beautiful … and also the prospect …
    Hello artist of my heart! ♥

    • I wonder why it’s called Storgata? It’s not even remotely big.

      (explanation for all you non-Norwegian/Danish speakers: ‘Stor’ means large, big, huge, major, grand in Danish/Norwegian)

      • It’s sometimes funny – in Copenhagen among a lot others there’s 2 streets called “Smallegade” (Slim Street) og “Bredgade” (Wide Street) – but the first ia wide and the last slim… 😉

    • I’ve just started with these kind of techniques, because I recently bought a drawing board with a USB cable. I made one picture the other day, but the result was absolutely horrible: I guess it’s all a matter of taste, but that particular picture was just a disaster!

      Previously I’ve been using different filters and effects that Photoshop offers. It’s fun to experiment with drawings & photos. I wish I could have spent more time doing it!

    • My colleague mentioned a movie with Keanu Reeves called A Scanner Darkly that’s animated in a similar style. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it’s supposed to be a good film.

      I doubt that I’ll ever make any comic books, but I’m currently working on an illustration of The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

  2. I like the tram lines in digital drawing, but it is what always pisses me off in photos… not that it matters much in this one.

  3. Very interesting, thanks for adding the original so we could see where you were coming from – the digital interpretation adds an extra element of depth.

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