Ever wondered how a village on steroids looks like?

Oslo Panorama, by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com
Panoramic view of Oslo, by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com.

I’m currently working on a large-scale panoramic view of Oslo. This is a small preview.

Bjørvika & The Bar Code
On this photo you can see the area called Bjørvika, with Oslo Opera House & the Bar Code (nick name for the line of tall buildings in the picture).
The Bar Code has been criticized for blocking the view & connection to the sea for the city’s inhabitants – a connection that for many, many years have been blocked by the motorway and train tracks.

The water is so polluted that it’s considered hazardous to the health to swim there and one is also advised against eating fish from the inner parts of the Oslo Fjord. When the Opera was being built the government decided to get rid of all the poison sediments – PCBs and other toxins stemming from the days when there were factories along the river that runs out in the bay of Bjørvika: they dug up the sediments, transported it 4 kilometers further out the fjord, dumped the poison into the sea and threw some sand on top of it. (one kilometer is equivalent to 1,000 meters or 0.62 miles).

Sørenga – a place for the rich & Vannspeilet – the cesspool of Eden
The construction area to the left of the two towers is called Sørenga and it’s a new project where they are building apartments and a new city district for rich people. This has also been criticized with the argument that low-income people cannot afford to live there, but either way the construction of new homes will free up other buildings where the poor can live happily together.
Up until a few years ago Sørenga used to be the main container port of Oslo. The small strip of water on the right side is called Vannspeilet: it’s a fake man-made lake consisting of 50% water and 50% bird/seagull droppings. The fake lake was constructed to show where the sea-line once used to be. In the park with the fake lake there’s a festival this weekend called “Øyafestivalen”.

More photos from this area: