Oil on Wood – Weekly Photo Challenge

Another week, another weekly photo challenge: self-portrait is the challenge this week. Technically this is a painting and not a photo, but as long as it is a photo of a painting, I guess that makes it OK to post this one for the Weekly Photo Challenge?

Self-portrait: Oil on wood.

Self-portrait: Oil on wood.

The technique is oil on wood and it was painted back in 2003. Since then I’ve quit both smoking & painting, as they were both expensive, disgusting habits – causing damage to my health… (Haha.) (No, seriously, I don’t have time to paint these days, and I wasn’t pleased with the results of my “art”, so I don’t bother anymore. Perhaps some day I’ll dust off my old brushes and start on a blank canvas…)

Self-portrait & Four Roses Bourbon.

Self-portrait on Four Roses Bourbon.

Here’s another one from the same period & the same technique (oil on wood).

I gave this one away to a guy that lives at the island of Chios in Greece. He promised to put it up in one of the local bars, but I’ve never been back there to see if he actually did it. Would be great fun to go there again!

Unfortunately the photo is a small JPG-file, so the quality is not the best.

Feel free to comment & please add a link to your own self-portrait if you have posted one for this weeks photo challenge.

More of my oil-paintings:
Gangster City
The place where I created

53 thoughts on “Oil on Wood – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Too bad you don’t paint anymore…would love to see more of your works 🙂

    I like this portrait of you. Good one!

  2. I really like these paintings, there is a small gallery at the end of my street and the artist paints in a similar style. She is very creative with the grain of the wood.

  3. Come to think of it, I like what I saw. Sometimes, there are things that we don’t like but other people do. My unsolicited advice would be for you to continue painting. You have the talent for it.

    Happy holidays!

    • I hope they bring back good memories for you 🙂
      Yes it would fit perfectly in a bar. Would be great if my friend found one as a new home for my painting! Thanks Margie.

  4. I have never designed a self-portrait.
    I could not do it.
    but I can mess up the blank canvas.
    I like to paint, but it takes time and space.
    Do not let go of this fantastic hobby .. you’re good!
    use a translator … forgive me if words are not correct

    • Thanks a lot! Yes it does take time & space. Actually it can be extremely time-consuming. It’s also quite expensive.
      No need for a translator: your English is quite good & easy to understand.
      Have a fantastic day!

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    • Don’t worry Eliz. As they say:
      “It’s better to be pingbacked twice, than not at all”, or maybe it was: “better to be pingbacked twice than to be wetback”?
      My memory seems to fail me on this one…
      it could also have been:
      “A pingback is way better than something brokeback”…

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