Miracle on Milk

נס על חלב

Nes al Chalav - Miracle on Milk - נס על חלב

Nes al Chalav – Miracle on Milk – נס על חלב

The word for “miracle” in Hebrew is nes, which also means “instant coffee.”

Read more about this coffee here: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/on-root-from-cups-to-coups-1.463840


You can also check out Paula’s blog for more photos of this & that:

Thursday’s Special

22 thoughts on “Miracle on Milk

  1. Fascinating etymology 🙂 I think this should go under “idleness” category or maybe “whiff” or even “jaunty” 😀 Is that coco on top?

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  3. It looks like my favorite “cafe afookh” — sorry don’t have a Hebrew alphabet on my computer, the “upside down” coffee that made me a dedicated coffee drinker. When I lived there, we used to laugh and say “it’s a miracle we HAVE coffee! ” 🙂

  4. I had a Bible prof in undergrad who joked that if it were not for coffee then he would be a Mormon. Coffee is a blessing (especially those Fundies that aren’t allowed to drink alcohol).

    • Hehe, reminds of one time when a friend and i was invited to a colleagues mormon wedding. We were both atheists and didn’t know much about mormons at the time. At the wedding we asked for some alcohol:
      “No, we don’t drink alcohol.
      Ok, some coffee then.
      No, we don’t drink coffee.
      Well, uuuh. A coke then.
      No, we don’t drink that either because it has caffeine in it.”

      We didn’t stay there for too long. 😀

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