The Cold Truth of the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle

Are you suffering from the misconception that a life filled with rock’n’roll is easy living, comfort & no hard work? Well, if you read this story & have a look at these revealing photos, you will understand that you couldn’t possibly be more wrong: your illusions will burst and your thoughts will no longer be tainted! But is your tender mind really ready to handle the truth?
First things first: If you look up ‘Senjahopen’ on Wikipedia, you’ll find that:
“Senjahopen is a village in the municipality of Berg in Troms, Norway. Its population (2009) is 291. Senjahopen is located along the Mefjorden on the northwest part of the island of Senja, where it is one of the most important fishing villages on the island. Another nearby fishing village is Fjordgård, which is across the fjord on the next peninsula.”

But Senjahopen is so much more than just a fishing village! It’s also the name of a Norwegian rock band – a rock band from ‘extremely far north’ (all the band members are from the North of Norway and they sing in dialect). It’s members are:

Henrik Sandnes

Henrik Sandnes

Henrik Sandnes (known from bands such as Farout Fishing & Captain Not Responsible), Petter Pogo (probably best known from his period as the bass player in ‘Jokke & Valentinerne’ – one of 4 most famous Norwegian rock bands), Marius Lerskallen, Jim Johansen & Kent-Remi Gabrielsen.

On Friday the 13th of January 2012 Senjahopen is planning to release their new album, and a few days ago they were busy shooting some scenes for their new music video. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, so I brought a camera and went there to help out.

The weather was cold & rainy during these 5 hours Senjahopen spent filming, setting up & packing the equipment.

The star in the video

One of the stars in the video

Most of the time on the set were spent waiting. So, now you know: rock’n’roll life can be wet, cold and contain a lot of waiting. But, in the midst of all this waiting in the blistering cold, everyone had fun, kept smiling and cracking jokes!

Petter Pogo

Petter Pogo

It’ll be fun to see the finished product after the video has been edited. In the meantime you can have a look at one of Senjahopen’s old music videos:

Here’s a quote translated from the song:

“Those who think that real beauty comes from within, should take a trip and have a look at the girls that comes from the outside.”


4 thoughts on “The Cold Truth of the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle

  1. That doesn’t surprise me Cardinal. It’s not an easy life by any means. Have I told you how much I like the different headers you display? You change them all the time and I notice. Margie

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