At a bar in Praha

Prague, absinth, VanGogh.

Prague, absinth, Van Gogh.

This was shot in a bar in Prague. If you were having coffee, Mara and I would join with some absinth. We could have talked about Vincent Van Gogh’s landscape paintings, or the fact that he cut off the tip of his ear. Alternatively we could just get drunk and talk bullshit…

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

23 thoughts on “At a bar in Praha

  1. Nice, it’s a fun painting to look at … so much detail. The bottle of absinth on the counter, and the green fairy … a blue cat. The guy with the bandage around his head … what’s the deal with that … trying to keep his brain inside his skull or what?! The wallpaper is really something. Outside the window, the streetlight look the way someone with cataract sees them. Boy, could he ever paint, Vincent 🙂

    I think I’ll pass on the absinth — still a little scared, even though I’ve learnt now its reputation was somewhat exaggerated. I just associate it with Toulouse Lautrec.

    So let’s just sit around … I could have a good cup of tea and still talk bullshit! That you can count on 😊

  2. I know awesome is an over used word but this awesome! Nice shot and as far I can tell it would inspire one to improve upon the artfully application of bullshit.

  3. I would get drunk and talk about my pussycat – as pictured in your landscape. Obviously, I was already drunk that day when I was trying to get to Prague and ended up on a train in the opposite direction. Btw, the madcap humour of your posts always gets me. I’m not going to cut my ear off to prove it though.

    • Edit: Sorry, replied on the phone and messed up which comment I was replying to, so I deleted my last comment which didn’t make sense at all…
      Yes, it’s a lot of things going on in that photo. I love the references to Vincent Van Gogh and absinth.

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