A slightly surrealistic hungover Nazi surprise

I was walking around in Prague, on my way to check out a famous tattoo shop, slightly hung over from the drinks that I had with my hosts the night before. Then all of a sudden I stumbled upon this film set where some Chinese film crew were making a movie. The film was about some Chinese guys (I’m assuming they were the heroes of the story) and it had something to do with Nazis, so there was all these swastikas, men in Nazi-uniforms, old cars and other Nazi effects scattered all around.

Self-portrait with swastika and two actors

Self-portrait with swastika and two actors

I thought to myself: “What the fuck is going on? I haven’t seen this many swastikas since I was in India. I probably need a drink soon…”
I know/knew that there’s this right-wing breeze oveer Europe these days, but dancing around with swastikas is a whole  other story…

The whole situation felt slightly surrealistic. I hung around just long enough to shoot some photos and witness a car chase, but I didn’t ask what the movie was about. I assume that the Chinese guys won and the Nazis lost in the end…

50 thoughts on “A slightly surrealistic hungover Nazi surprise

  1. Can’t even imagine what that must have felt like … surreal, I guess. I know about those winds you mention, but hopefully there’s still a far cry from this. Great shots, though … in spite of your “hungoverness” 🙂

    • Yes, of course I drank absinth! 😀 Had to drink some of it when I was in Prague – it’s obligatory. One day I started with gluewein for breakfast, mojitos for lunch, then had a few glasses of absinth before I met up with Teresa for drinks. By the time I met her I was already drunk and I probably must have scared the shit out of her. Haha 😀

  2. And you’re sure it was a movie set? Could be Trump holding a press conference!

  3. Wonderfully done, Cardinal. Didn’t seem like you were a bother to the set and crew. Maybe you stuck around long enough and got yourself in one of the scenes 😀

  4. lol… so you went to Prague and there you saw a Chinese film crew shooting a film about German Nazis … more than surreal, Viking 😀

  5. I must say you shoot just as well when you are hungover!!! Now we Indians don’t feel out of place in the presence of a swastika…though not the Nazi one! 🙂

      • In Hinduism it is used to denote auspiciousness…so it is always used whenever an puja is started or at the beginning of any auspicious occasion..

  6. So this is one of those posts where the comments are as entertaining as the post itself. OMG – I would love to be at the table with you and Mara together 😀

    I live in the city self-dubbed Hollywood North and NEVER stumble across a movie set. Toronto is routinely subbed in for New York because it’s so much cheaper to film here but I’m never in the right place at the right time 😦
    You, on the other hand, got some amazing photos!

    • Mara and I were supposed to meet in Prague, but she fucked up and got on the wrong train. I got totally drunk that day, so I probably couldn’t have contributed to any meaningful conversation anyway. Hehe.
      I didn’t know that Toronto is the movie version of New York! I guess that I, unknowingly, have seen a lot of Toronto.

      The TV-series Vikings (great shit, you should totally check it out) was supposed to be filmed in Norway, but since everything is way too expensive here, they decided to film it in Ireland instead.

    • Haha, yes. Everyone, except the Germans, won.
      I talked about this with a Russian friend, she thought it was funny that everywhere she went, people said they won WW2: England, Russia, Scotland, Norway, America, Australia… Etc, etc.

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