Stilleben Window Post


In the window at a restaurant in Poland.


This is a leftover photo that I was thinking about posting for the #Photo101 challenge that took place last month. Now Lucile has started a Photo101 rehab, so I can post this leftover shot.

It was taken with my crappy pocket camera that only shoots jpeg’s, so in terms of post-processing the options are way more limited than a RAW file. In Lightroom I darkened the highlights, brightened the shadows, increased the contrasts, added some mid-tones (clarity) and darkened the edges to bring to attention towards the center of the photo. Then I exported it to Photoshop where I added a lens blur.

47 thoughts on “Stilleben Window Post

  1. The contents of this basket are intriguing me – though not blurred, I can’t figure out what the little round things are….looking from afar I thought dry figs which would be something people here used to offer for holidays and all kinds of festivities. Do tell! (Lovely shot!)

  2. Ow wow Cardinal, what a gorgeous photo. I love the lens blur, it has really made it an intriguing photo. Combined with the colours and the light – fab!

  3. The photo and the basket are a real treat! Beautiful. Thanks for joining the Photo Rehab. Great to count on admiring your beautiful photos and learning from you!

  4. This is a great shot, Cardinal. Certainly lots of work has gone into it with Lightroom. There’s always so many different combinations and effects you can use, so hard to choose. I would not have guessed you took this with a point-and-shoot. Maybe you should invest in a better point and shoot 🙂

    • Thanks Mabel. The Lightroom/Photoshop process in this shot is a quick and easy job.
      If I could afford it, I would have bought myself a new point&shoot a long time ago! The one I have now (Canon Ixus 130) is shit.

  5. I really like what you have done with it. By blurring the edges you have increased the clarity. It’s great.

  6. It’s very beautiful … and I like those warm tones in it. Will check out the rehab too … maybe I’ll check in even 🙂

  7. The image reminded some of the Christmas exquisite cards we used to have. Your photo gives such a delightful and warm feeling, the display is so very elegant, and the lighting, candles are perfect ! Another genius shot, CG! Thank you so much!

  8. Not the usual pic from a restaurant! Great!
    I would love to visit Poland, did you like the food there?
    Have a great weekend

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  13. Once again, you’ve proved that although good equipment is important, it still takes a photographer with vision and skill to make a good shot. YOU took crappy pocket camera and som editing software to create a well composed still life, which is actually very hard to do in photography in spite of appearances.

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