Blood is Thicker Than Water

The theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is «Gone, But Not Forgotten». Just for the record: I didn’t take any of these shots. They’re scans from my family albums.

For me this was an unusual post in this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Today, my sister and myself are the only ones that are still kicking and screaming.
Requiescat in pace for the rest of them.

33 thoughts on “Blood is Thicker Than Water

  1. The photo of your Dad and grandma is amazing.Like out of a storybook. I love the shot of your brother in front of the van- what a good looking guy,. I am sorry he is no longer with you. Wonderful photos- thank you for sharing a part of your world.

    • Thank you. They’re all long gone now. Only my sister and myself left. I suspect that the photo of Dad & Grandma was shot by my brother, he loved photography and I inherited my first SLR camera from him (it’s an old Nikon film camera that I still have and use from time to time).

      • Wonderful to have your brother’s camera- to be able to hold onto that piece of him and something he loved. It looks like he was many years older than you.

        • You’re right: he was 5 years older than me. Out of curiosity I once asked some photographers (some that that really knows the market) about how much the camera was worth: they told me that the camera wasn’t worth much, but that the lens was of high quality. I can’t remember exactly which price they said, butlets say that the lens was worth 350$ for the camera and around 100.
          I told them that for me, it’s priceless and that I would never ever sell any of them.

  2. Wow Max, that is some family history and as I read in your reply ‘things all gone’. Tomorrow I post a photo about my place of birth. The house we are selling as siblings after my mother’s parting this Summer. Beautiful pictures, and the young Guzman looks quite charming!

  3. A lovely set of family memories Cardinal and so sad to know your young brother did not grow old. I know it’s only two photos but your grandmother seemed to have had particular spark about her.

  4. That gave me watery eyes that post and thank you for sharing something so personal. Your family look so happy and so close with each other. So sorry to hear your brother passed away so young that is very hard on everyone near and dear xxx

  5. What beautiful memories to have. I’m so sorry for those losses you have suffered.
    I love that photo of your grandad and grandma. They look so happy and in love.
    A special family, no doubt.

  6. Great collection of beautiful memories, Max. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed this post very much. Funny how touched I feel although they are all strangers to me. Probably because your precious photos have triggered my own memories.
    Ha en god helg!

  7. What a wonderful post full of emotion and depth! Such charming photos of happy moments! So sorry to hear about your many losses. I think the spirit of dear people stays with us, and so do the memories of such wonderful moments. A great post Cardinal!

  8. Great collection of memories, Max. Like Dina, I think your images have triggered my own memories….thanks for sharing.

  9. A beautiful and poignant post Cardinal. And yes, very unusual 🙂 This stirred many unforgotten moments for me too.

    • Cardinal, what a wonderful tribute to your family. And how very special to stil have your brother’s camera – priceless, indeed. I, like all others here, was saddened to hear of your brother leaving so soon. Thanks for sharing the people so special to you. A poignant post to read.

  10. Great collection and collage. Your grandparents look besotted with each other. Very Sweet. This challenge was an opportunity to travel down memory lane for many people.

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