Buddha & Ganesha in Oslo

Unless you have kids, this is a place most people just pass by on a nearby trail on their way to/from work. Definitely a structure that is typically overlooked.


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Flowers on a Table

Flower photography is way out of my comfort zone: I’m getting old, but still not old enough to be into flower photography. For Paula’s Thursday challenge this week however, I’m willing to make an exception.

Flowers on a table, with a touch of flare in there.

Flowers on a table, with a touch of flare in there.


Got this congratulation from WordPress the other day.

I got this congratulation from WordPress the other day. I guess this means that I’ve opened up another secret level of blogging. 

Stilleben Window Post


In the window at a restaurant in Poland.


This is a leftover photo that I was thinking about posting for the #Photo101 challenge that took place last month. Now Lucile has started a Photo101 rehab, so I can post this leftover shot.

It was taken with my crappy pocket camera that only shoots jpeg’s, so in terms of post-processing the options are way more limited than a RAW file. In Lightroom I darkened the highlights, brightened the shadows, increased the contrasts, added some mid-tones (clarity) and darkened the edges to bring to attention towards the center of the photo. Then I exported it to Photoshop where I added a lens blur.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

With our newborn son safely installed at home I can safely say that it’s busy days lately, so I’m not that active online as I used to be. There’s not enough time to comment, read blogs, write posts and process photos in between the diapers, feeding, house chores and work. I won’t excuse myself and say that I’m sorry, because I’m not. Anyway, Weekly Photo Challenge at WordPress again. The theme (apparently for the second time) is: up. This is my interpretation, a photo of some roses we got from a friend when our son was born:


Weekly Photo Challenge: My Urban Garden

The theme for the weekly photo challenge is “Urban”, in addition to that Miz Roket had a post called “Pieces of a Home” where I wrote a comment were I said: “Perhaps I’ll borrow your idea and shoot some photos around the apartment”.

Here are my plants, growing in my urban garden:



Homemade espresso coffe mug flower pot

Homemade espresso coffe mug flower pot

All my plants share the same table.

All my plants share the same table, that is their destiny in this life.

Orchids & Aloe Vera

Orchids & Aloe Vera

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