Tattoo, before & after

Got some more work done by the talented Marius Meyer today.



Tattoo by Marius Meyer | Instagram: @mariusmey

Tattoo by Marius Meyer | Instagram: @mariusmey

I’ll upload some more photos once it’s healed.

25 thoughts on “Tattoo, before & after

  1. Wow – very good work on the dragon. How long will the color be so vibrant? (I realize the pinkness is due to the assault your poor skin has just endured! I’m thinking of the blues and yellows.)

    • It depends on how I treat it. I’ll protect it against the sun with a shirt now that it’s brand new and use sunblock after that. While the wound is healing I’ll moisten it with a cream a few times a day. Then it’ll last long.
      If I don’t take proper care of it, the colors will weaken quicker.

  2. Wow, the addition of colour makes such a difference. Those eyes! And teeth. That’s such a nice sleeve. I’m confused though. Is it on your left or your right??? 🙂

    • Also, kudos for enduring so much tattooing around your collar bone! I had the underside of mine tattooed not so long ago. It’s not even that big but it was the worst one to date, even worse than on my spine. It was the sound and vibration of the machine balanced against my neck and ear whilst the needle went in and out of my chest that threw me – it was THE weirdest sensation!

    • Thanks Kerry. It’s on my right side and I was super-excited about it when he added the colors! The collar bone is not the most pleasant place to get inked, that’s for sure. 😀

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