Unusual Art from a Saami artist. (Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week WordPress wants us to: “Share a picture that means UNUSUAL to you!” So, I decided to present my readers to the Norwegian Saami artist Gjert Rognli. It’s not an understatement to claim that Gjert Rognli’s art is unusual: unusual & original, just like the artist himself. Here’s a short presentation and some of his photos:

Gjert Rognli is multimedia artist and has in recent years worked with theater productions and television productions as well as his own short films, photography and video. He has been represented at several film festivals and exhibition both home and abroad.

Shocking, brutal and provocative, with powerful tools such as nudity, blood, brutal representations of animals and birds that are crucified, the Saami artist created a lot of attention for his exhibition The Forgotten Place.

A photo entitled “Chasing Dreams”, which is included in the exhibition, got an “honorable mention” in Photographer’s Forum magazine, a highly recognized photography magazine in the U.S., the photograph will also be published in a table book format in the United States in the book Best of Photography 2011.

Gjert Rognli’s next exhibition is held at Artista Galleri Cafè in Sandvika between 29th of March (opening at 18:00) – 29th of April 2012.

All photos in this article: Gjert Rognli.
Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.

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37 thoughts on “Unusual Art from a Saami artist. (Weekly Photo Challenge)

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  2. Certainly eye catching. I particularly like the red stream. This is a two button job in most image editors but of course you need the imagination to push the buttons.

    • I’m good with nudity too – most Scandinavians are. When it comes to “animal brutality” in his exhibitions we’re talking about stuff like a picture of a crucified bird, a crucified bird that is already dead of course, so it’s not being harmed in any way.
      Antibiotic overfed chickens doomed to live in some industrial scale farm, are much worse off.

  3. Unusual is an understatement! This is pushing the envelope creative, and provacative. Some of the pieces I find it to be both genius and disturbing all at the same time – which I suspect may be part of the author’s intent. IMO, I will be honest and say I not like the idea of either antibiotic overfed chickens nor sacrificing the animal and using its blood for art. My opinion, as indicated.
    I went to the link in your response to the two-button comment above and viewed ‘Behind the Silverwidths’. This is far beyond only two buttons. Probably more like hundreds if not thousands.
    Having said all that, this is probably the most unusual post in the ‘unusual’ category that I have seen so far.

    • Let me first say that the animals are not sacrificed, they are already slaughtered and/or roadkill. No animals are being harmed in the process.

      Thanks for this elaborate comment 🙂 I am sure that the artist will be very flattered by your comment, and I am glad that you took the opportunity to watch his video and get a glimpse of the work & the planning that is actually put into that photo.
      It’s definitely more than a “two-button process”

      I agree with you that this is the most unusual post in the ‘unusual’ category – at least from what I have seen so far.

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