Tuba is Latin for Trumpet or Horn

Tuba is Latin for trumpet or horn. This tubaist & the other members of the brass band “musikkselskapet Fri Utblåsing” played in a gay parade that took place in Oslo yesterday. I was on my way to do other photo errands as I stumbled upon the gay parade. Quickly I changed my plans and decided to photograph  the parade. 

Canon EOS 600D F/10 1/30 sec ISO200

Tuba is Latin for trumpet or horn. Canon EOS 600D. F/10. 1/30 sec. ISO200

The parade started out at Grønland, an area were most of the inhabitants are immigrants and were there has been episodes in which gays have been victims of hate crime from young muslim men. After several such attacks, the gay community decided that they would answer to these hate crimes by starting their annual parade at Grønland.

After Grønland, the parade went through the City Center and ended up in a fabulous party in Spikersuppa. More photos from this event will be posted.

I know it can be sketchy to link to videos on YouTube, because suddenly YouTube or the record company decide to remove the video, remove the whole account, or the video might not be allowed to view in your country because of copyright laws or fascist governments…

I’ll give it a try anyway, here’s a link to unstable YouTube (perhaps they should change their name to UnstableTube?), it’s an early 60’s R&B tune with tuba:
James Ray: “If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody”.

10 thoughts on “Tuba is Latin for Trumpet or Horn

  1. How excellent! We had a pride weekend here a few weeks ago – it keeps growing in numbers each year which is encouraging. On the Sunday night they even had fireworks which I found surprising because the mayor wouldn’t even let the francophone community have them for St.Jean Baptiste day, so that’s something!

    • The only Jean I know is Jean Reinhardt, and he really knew how to play the guitar! He even played guitar solos with only two fingers! He was perhaps the best gypsy musician the world has ever seen.

  2. Tuba and drums are a little neglected in relation to other instruments – a shame – maybe because I played a little bit of drums in the past – and enjoy the sound of the tuba and sax … 😉

    • Thanks Frizzman. I like the new look too, but I find that a dark or neutral background is better for the images, so I’ll probably end up changing it again, but I’ll stick with this look for a while.

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