20 thoughts on “Rosé in the Park

  1. As a big drinker I never developed a taste for rose – a very indecisive wine. I like red, and I like white, but nothing in between.

  2. Excellent.

    I like the close up, ‘in your face / down your throat’ perspective – and the colour of the T Short that matches the contents of the bottle – and the heron tattoo – and the stubble – and the sense of being on the edge, on the margin with the overgrown wire fence and the church for redemption behind. It’s a classic.

    What lens did you use for a wide-angle shot like that?

    • Thanks for a great comment David! The building in the background is the office building for the Catholic Church of Oslo, so for redemtion I guess I could have said some Ave Maria’s and be good to go! 😀 Haha.
      The lens/camera is nothing fancy: it was shot with my Canon Ixus 130, so just a point & shoot camera that only shoot JPEG’s.

  3. I like the picture. It reminds me of a different time … a different life. Think I can see the reflection of the photographer in your sun glasses … LOVE the quote.

  4. A lovely summer carefree feel to this shot Cardinal, as though there should be a motorbike parked just out of the frame. Love the red hues and the shades, not to mention a decent rosé on a hot summer’s day. Interesting quote!

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