Ocscarshall Slott 2015

On Saturday 12.09.2015, the annual National Photo Walk (I’ll refer to it as NPW2015 from now on) was held in Norway. Anders Beer Wilse was a guy with a camera that lived in the old days.

Anders Beer Wilse - Ocscarshall Slott 1847. Bygdøy, Oslo. Norsk Folkemusem.

Anders Beer Wilse – Ocscarshall Slott 1847. Bygdøy, Oslo. Norsk Folkemusem.

At some point in 1847, Anders decided to bring his gear and head out to Bygdøy, a peninsula in Oslo, where he photographed Ocscarshall Slott (Oscarhall Castle). Then, much later, someone invented the internet and after that again, Norsk Folkemusem (Norwegian Folk Museum) decided to post his photos on their website. If Anders was alive today, he probably would have been a passionate photo blogger with a boring, normal job.

Approximately 168 years after Anders, I brought my camera and headed out to Bygdøy for the NPW2015. The theme of NPW2015 was “My Saturday”, but as a side-mission/bonus-mission we could walk in Anders’ footsteps and replicate his stuff. The image that I shot, is part of my «Then & Now»-series. You can check out my previous entries by following the tag: «Then & Now»

Cardinal Guzman - Ocscarshall Slott 2015. Bygdøy, Oslo.

Cardinal Guzman – Ocscarshall Slott 2015. Bygdøy, Oslo.

Oscarhall was probably someone’s happy place at some point… https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/happy-place/




9 thoughts on “Ocscarshall Slott 2015

  1. Love the moody shot! I had the same temptation to replicate some of Ansel Adam’s photos taken in Yosemite Valley. Of course mine were not anywhere near as good as his, but I had fun which is the main point. 😀
    Jude xx

  2. Hey Max, this is a great time travel idea, and your photos is beautiful. I like the contrast and the light is almost romantic for a CG’ shot! 😉
    Visiting your other posts made me think that you could bring back the Then and Now challenge at some point. It’s a good idea.

    • Thank you very much for all the great feedback on my ‘Then & Now’ posts Lucile.
      My plan was (and it still is) to post more Then & Now stuff, I already have some material for it: a long time ago (I guess it’s about two years ago already), I printed out old photos and visited the places to replicate the shots, then the whole project just ended up collecting dust.
      Lately I’ve been doing less and less photo/blog related stuff and I’ve been concentrating on other things.
      At work I’ve been too busy to read blogs/comments and after work, on the days that my son isn’t with me, I’m very active at the gym (I go every day).
      After the gym, instead of using time on the computer, I’ve started reading a book. Currently I’m reading “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” (ねじまき鳥クロニクル Nejimakitori Kuronikuru) by Haruki Murakami.

      But, there will be more “Then & Now” posts coming eventually. Thank you very much for the reminder and the encouragement! 🙂

  3. Max, I truly like the idea of THEN/Now series. I could something like that….but most of my photos are in 35mm slides, and I can’t find anyone to make them digital. So now it’s just now.

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