Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 08

Time for another post in my series «The Changing Seasons». All the photos in this gallery were shot in July.

July has been a fantastic month! Three weeks of vacation and plenty of things to do: I’ve had a lot of Couchsurfers staying with me, from different places such as: Israel, Poland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia. Whenever I have Couchsurfers visiting, I try my best to show them the city and to socialize. This has also been a great opportunity to take plenty of photos: photographically speaking, July has been an extremely productive month – considering the number of photos taken (creatively speaking, perhaps not so much since most of the photos are just quick snaps). I’ve also taken my son on trips to both Dovre and to the North of the country (more posts will come from Sandhornøya shortly, I’ve already posted two). If you want to see mountain photos from Dovre, you should check out my Musk Ox Safari posts. (You’ll find links to all these posts in the end of this one).


You have probably forgotten about this, but throwing stones in the water is a lot of fun.

Please enjoy the galleries with July photos (actually I messed up last month and accidentally posted photos that were taken in July too, but I discovered it after the post was already published). As you’ll notice I also messed up on the counting this month, so there’s a lot more photos than normal and they’re separated into 5 galleries – some of which were beneath my feet:


Gallery 1:


Gallery 2:


Gallery 3:


Gallery 4:


Gallery 5:

Links to stuff mentioned in this post:


«The Changing Seasons» is a monthly photo challenge with a few basic guidelines. I started the challenge in January with photos that I shot in December.

If you feel like joining this challenge, these are the guidelines:

  • Find a location near your home. Each month take somewhere between 5-20 photos and post them in a gallery in your blog (I’ll post mine on the 7th, but you can choose your own publishing date).
  • Tag your posts with #MonthlyPhotoChallenge and #TheChangingSeasons (this makes it very easy for others to follow the challenge using the WordPress reader if your blog is running in the WordPress platform).
  • Don’t use photos from your archive. Only new shots.

Check out other participants galleries:

You just have to check out this post too:

73 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons 08

  1. love them all but especially having fun at the sea. Are the couch surfers friends from afar who come to visit? You are quite hospitable! Your views of Oslo are beautiful.

  2. Cardinal, did you mean to post this for the “Beneath My Feet” theme today? I love your galleries, but they don’t seem to fit the theme.

    Have a great weekend.


    • Yes, it was a very productive and active month. Thanks for your Brussels entry Klara!
      All my shots were taken with my two new cameras: Olympus OM-D E-M5 II and Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5.

  3. They must love you! Your couchsurfers; you give them place to stay, you feed them, show them great time and you even take flattering photos of them 🙂 Abundant galleries; very diversified and high quality!

  4. What a fabulous gallery of galleries CG! You’ve had an awesome July. The photos are beautiful and diverse and full of fun and happiness. There were four in particular that I adored: the handheld mirror in the street, the low view of those blue glasses, the reflection in the puddle towards the end, and the two parents looking after their kids. Extraordinary collection!

  5. You totally blew me away with your pictures. Wow. And you have moose. I think you call them elk in that part of the world and they are indeed elk, but we call them moose anyway. This surely proves that there was a land bridge between North America and Asia.

    Wonderful galleries. It’s going to take me a week to really look at everything!

    • We call our moose elg, similar to the English word elk (but the same animal as moose). I have more moose photos coming up in my post from the North, which I’ll probably post next week. Take your time Marilyn, there’s no need to hurry! 😀

  6. Five galleries. Wow, what a great effort, and I had such a great time scrolling through it this Saturday evening. Lovely summer surrounds there in July – the nature, bugs, sand, skies and arts all look so inviting. It looks like the whole place is alive over there.

    It must be fun hosting couchsurfers and the ones in the photos look like very nice people. Even helping out in the kitchen 🙂 Love the portraits you took of Yang. Hope you enjoyed the holidays.

    • Hosting couchsurfers can be really fun and rewarding!
      I like the portraits of Yang too. They weren’t planned: I knew that the setting was good and asked her to turn around when she was busy looking at something.

  7. Your many galleries show you had a great month with your son and your guests. Lucky people. You host them and also go places, have fun and even shot them. VIP treatment!
    They even got photography lessons.
    The photos are so diverse and interesting! Family moments, architecture, reflections, landscape, etc. all portraying the usual quality that your skilled eye sees and executes with mastery.

    • Thank you Lucile. I’m not so sure about the mastery and skilled eye, but July was definitely a great month. I’m pretty sure that August won’t live up to it, but I’ll try to fit in a small amount of fun in August too!

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  9. I thought the couch surfers were friends of yours to begin with! A great set of shots Max and so pleased you have been enjoying a great summer!

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  11. Many, many wonderful images. I really enjoyed them all. 🙂

    Ps. “You have probably forgotten about this, but throwing stones in the water is a lot of fun.” – I haven’t forgot… I loved these activitys when growing up. I was really good at it too. 🙂 You know, sone skipping…

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      • It’s fun to be here every month, Max. Thanks for organizing it. Happy that you like it! Living in a city doesn’t leave much room for nature so I have to look for new scenery every month. I love doing that.

        • I like too see the city change too, but to tell you the truth: this month I haven’t shot anything of the city yet. I guess I shot so much last month that I feel a bit burnt out and tired of Oslo.
          I have a couchsurfer staying this weekend, which is a good opportunity for me to go out and take some new photos. 🙂

          • This challenge has exactly awaken this new interest to pay attention in the city and on how it changes each month. I had never done that.
            I know the city better now.
            Having guests is a great drive to go out and shoot. I have had plenty this year! You will come up with great photos as always.

    • Thank you Cecilia. I love that last photo too! Most of all because it was a fantastic day and the first time my son experienced fishing from a boat. Like other kids he was extremely curious and exited about everything.

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  19. these are a m a z i n g shots of real life!! I enjoyed looking at each of them as much as reading their captions too, some are soo funny 🙂

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  22. Really enjoyed these galleries Max! Just love the ones of you and your son and especially the throwing stones image – part of childhood :D.. and perhaps adulthood too 😛
    Looks like you’ve really enjoyed your vacation. Hope so!

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