Mobile Musk Ox Safari

I never post mobile photos, because the quality isn’t good enough, but since I am travelling I’m willing to make an exception.

Here’s two mobile photos from today’s musk ox safari.


Edit: Did some minor adjustments to the mobile photos. Added contrast & resized (cropped one of them too).


35 thoughts on “Mobile Musk Ox Safari

  1. Enjoyed your photos, even though they’re “only” taken with a mobile phone. Almost all the photos on my blog are taken with an iPhone 5s and I’ve always thought the quality from the phone was quite good. Of course, my Nikon is great for many things but portability isn’t one of them.


    • I understand your point about the Nikon. I have an Olympus mirrorless that I brought along, but I don’t have a laptop to process the photos here. The Olympus is lightweight and great, but my Canon DSLR is too heavy for hiking. Thanks for your comment Janet, I’ll visit your blog after the vacation.

  2. Awesome … must be great to see them in real life!!! Where are you … is this far north?

    I’ve tried to put a little more effort into my iPhone photos lately, as I see the awesomeness of other people’s photos. When the light is good, they aren’t too bad, considering …

    Looking forward to seeing your ‘real’ 🙂 photos when you get back. Enjoy and relax!

    Morrn da

    • I haven’t seen these photos on a real screen myself, so I can’t say anything about the quality, but most likely I won’t be satisfied with them.
      Now I’m at Dovre, I think it’s about 350 kilometers from Oslo.

    • Thanks Richard. Sitting on the train heading home now. The kid is sleeping and I’m enjoying the wi-fi service. Train is a comfortable mode of transportation 🙂

    • We returned from the trip today, it was only for a few days, so now we’re back home. I haven’t looked at the photos yet, but hopefully there’s a few good ones. We decided to not bring my son on the actual safari, because then we would have had to carry him around on the mountain. He got to spend time at a nearby playground where they had a trampoline, while my nephew and me went trekking.

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