Dramatic Street Scene

The theme for #photo101 today is Warmth.


Someone was lying in the street. I don’t know if it was a hit and run or what happened…

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43 thoughts on “Dramatic Street Scene

  1. I think the man lying in the ground was hit. Judging from the reaction of the people and th sandal that was on the street.

      • I am now enclosing the links. Mind you it is big of me (you might remember how I feel about feet photo, or noticed that I am not a cat fan). Still, I never considered myself an authority (maybe in my job in specific situations) but not on blogging or photography, and certainly not on what another human brain may interpret within one theme. And, it is not just a policy of mine never to say anything negative (regardless if it is related to my event or unrelated submission). I always try to be kind or at least not offensive to others or what they may like or what may matter to them. I can’t say the same for many other people (funny those people tend to surpass me in age in decades) they have insulted my posts on several occasions because they probably interpreted this platform as a place where they can play critics or just be reckless. Why am I telling all this here on your post – it is for one or two reasons; cause I find that I have established a closer relationship with you than with some other regular bloggers, cause I value your opinion(s) – though it can be odd sometimes :), and because I know you are an incredible humanitarian underneath all that. There, I bared my heart.Stop by later to see how I included the medium size pics related to today and interpreted them. Klem, P.

  2. About the photo: perfect lighting and composition. almost like a movie scene.
    About the moment: that is what only a professional has guts and talent to do.
    About the person: do you know if he/she was ok afterwards?

    • Thank you very much Lucile.
      I don’t think that the lighting is perfect because the white spot is burnt out and over-exposed, but I really had nothing to do with the exposure as it was just a snap with a compact camera. I didn’t have the time to pull out my DLSR… (that’s why I desperately need a mirrorless camera that shoots RAW!).

      I have no idea what happened to her afterwards and I wasn’t there to witness the incident itself, so those parts of the story are a mystery.

      • As a processional photographer you see these details that i don’t; first because I got caught by the story and also because I look at the ful picture and how it hits me.
        Still think you hit two birds with a stone!
        Yes, go for it! I’m just planning time to buy my olympus as am about to travel and had no time yet! Yay!

  3. P.S. it is related to my earlier comment – some judge came here and rated this documented event (or your photo quality) with two stars. It peeved me immensely.

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  5. In spite of the tragic scene ,I love your shot.
    You can’t blame a photographer for being able to portray reality , as crude as it could be!

      • Ah, but we need those that don’t! What would we learn about the world without the documentary photos we see every day. Your image is very powerful – it speaks to the humanity of people as one bends to help the woman and another seems to be waiting in the street for summoned help. But I also wonder about the woman in the background on her cellphone. She appears to be casually going on her way. I wonder, is she calling for help? Is she calling a friend to tell them about what she just saw? Or is she just ignoring the scene completely, absorbed in her own world. I also wonder if the motorcyclist was the one to hit her or just the one to stop after someone else hit and ran. This is why it’s a powerful, thought-provoking image. Shame on me – I should have written these words in my first comment, as your image deserves it!

  6. Got so caught up, reading the comments here, so I almost forgot to write. The scene certainly raises more questions than it answers. Which country was it in?

    As to ‘warmth’, I assume you’re referring to the person attending to the victim?!

    • Thank you very much Allan. I highly appreciate your feedback. I just wrote a reply (under your comment) that explains more of my thoughts around this shot.

  7. Great capture, the technical shortcomings pale when compared to the story being told which is what a great photo does. As a paramedic in my day job this is an altogether too familiar scene and I love the range of reactions in the photo from the intense attention from the ?police to the ambivalence of the lady with the shopping trolley.

    • Thanks for the comment Scott. It’s been hectic here, so I haven’t been able to reply before (I keep waiting for those days where you have plenty of time, but perhaps they don’t really exist?).

      Anyway, technical shortcomings? Yes, very much so. There’s the heavily burnt out area in the photo bothers me a lot. If I had the time, I would have done spot metering and that would have solved the issue, but since I was just passing by I quickly had to take the shot when it happened.
      If I had adjusted the camera settings, then the woman walking past would have been gone, the woman pointing and explaining to the old man would perhaps not have been pointing anymore and the man listening to her might have been gone too. So then the scene would have looked totally different.
      That’s why I’m glad that my “photo journalistic instinct” took over (if I have one?).

      If we’re talking about interpretation and forget about the technicalities, the burnt out area can actually add something to the photo: Some people (not me) believe in Gods & higher powers and that the soul is leaving the body upon death, being lifted to some “higher place”. If we then assume that this woman died (I don’t think she did, but we’ll never know), the bright light/burnt out area can be interpreted as her soul is being ‘lifted’ and that she’s “reaching the light of God” or something like that.

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