Bicycle Maintenance

Bike Awesome Poster found on internet

Bike Awesome Poster found on internet

Maintenance of your bicycle is very important if you want to keep both your bike & yourself healthy. By keeping the your bike clean it’ll last longer, because the gravel & dirt that sticks to the different parts will eventually wear them down. Two days ago I changed the cassette on my bike because the cogwheels were worn down. While I was at it I also changed the brakes, brake wires & chain.

The first thing I did was to thoroughly clean my bike, but the photos of the cleaning were shot last year. I’ve added the photos so that those who are interested can see how to clean the cassette properly. It’s always good to keep your bike clean and especially when you have to make adjustments or change/repair different parts.

Here’s an attempt to explain how to change the cassette. To do this you’ll need a Chain Whip (Chain Whip – A metal bar with a short length of bicycle chain attached to it.):

  • Place the chain whip around one of the largest sprockets to keep it tight.
  • Insert the cassette key (with a ratchet or wrench) in the center of the lock ring.
  • Force them together.
  • When the lock ring is loose you can unscrew it.
  • Pull out the loose sprockets and the cassette.
  • Clean the hub that the sprockets have been on.
  • Place the new cassette/cogwheels into correct position.
  • Now, the instructions told me to tighten with the force of 40 Newton (I know! 40 Newton!?! I had to go to the bicycle shop so they could show me how much force 40 Newton is).
  • Put the wheel back on the bike and remember to adjust the breaks (change the brakes & brake wire if you have to).

Remember to lube!

1. A toothed wheel.
2. One of a set of cogged wheels within a mechanism.

23 thoughts on “Bicycle Maintenance

  1. Bicycles: I’m not too keen on riding the dam things, but I do love seeing the chaps on them in their Lycra cycling shorts! Watched the Tour de France pass through about two years ago, it was great.

  2. I, too, liked the closeup shots. Don’t have a bicycle anymore. My brother was obsessed with biking … he biked approx. 500 kilometres a week. Unfortunately he had an accident in one of the big bicycle races in Sweden «Vätternrundan»..

  3. Another brilliant post..I love riding cycle..thats a great information.

    You know what the first thing i get to see when i come over to your sphere is the header and they are so visually stunning ..some of the best in the them 🙂

    • Bahut dhanyavaad Soma-ji.
      It’s very nice that you’ve noticed my headers. I don’t always add new ones, but I try to have some that fit the post.
      Thanks again 😀


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  6. his post makes me sad. I don’t have a bike anymore. And knowing that I can’t ride one for a while makes it worse. (You’ve been to Delhi, you know the roads.) 😦

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