Resilient Retrospective 2016


Here’s my resilient retrospective post for the last photo challenge I’ll participate in this year. I didn’t shoot all these photos in 2016, but I edited and posted them in 2016.

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Miracle on Milk

נס על חלב

Nes al Chalav - Miracle on Milk - נס על חלב

Nes al Chalav – Miracle on Milk – נס על חלב

The word for “miracle” in Hebrew is nes, which also means “instant coffee.”

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Thursday’s Special

The Sheesha Place

Sometimes, when you’re on the move, you need to sit down and relax. I sat down at this sheesha place in The Old City of Jerusalem – the capital of Israel. my thought was to sit down and smoke nargileh (a Middle Eastern tobacco pipe in which the smoke is drawn through water) with fruit tobacco, but as it turned out, this was a sheesha place. I’ve always thought that sheesha and nargileh is synonyms for the same thing, but as it turns out nargileh is the fruit version, while sheesha is the strong, pure tobacco version. The taste of sheesha was disgusting: it tasted like tobacco – strong tobacco, almost like a cigar, but I found the whole scene interesting, so I took these shots. They’re all shot on ISO 6400 because of the poor lighting conditions.


C8H10N4O2? The chemical formula for caffeine: Carbon 8, Hydrogen 10, Nitrogen 4, Oxygen 2.

Caffeine is the world’s most used drug: 90% of North American adults consume caffeine daily. For a long time I was planning to shoot these photos, the only thing I had to do was to go and buy some beans, so when Pierre from South Africa sent me coffee beans I had no reason to postpone it.

The organically grown beans Pierre sent had a very mild and fruity flavor and they were roasted at Espressolab Microroasters in South Africa. After the beans were grinded, we had to mix it with some locally roasted, strong, black coffee, in order to give it the kick that we need. Coffee is definitely a drink that has changed the world.

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Hawaij – spice blend from Yemen

חוויאג' - Hawaij spice mix

חוויאג’ – Hawaij spice mix

Hawaij – spice blend from Yemen – is a spice mixture that may be unusual for some palates. The following is a spice mix that came to Israel along with immigrants from Yemen, and it is widespread among yemenites in Israel. Although one in Israel can buy this spice mixture called Hawaij at any “shouk” (market), at more northern latitudes it will be hard to find – despite the fact that there excists shops offering a variety of spices. The closer you get to the Arctic Circle, the harder it seems to come around a well equipped spice shop. Therefore I choose to publish this recipe. Continue reading