Skipping Home

Today I decided to get off the bus and walk home.

I had my camera with me and the light and the snow was beautiful, so I figured I had to take advantage of the situation. It’s very easy to come up with all kind of excuses: “Not today, I’m too tired”,  “Not today, there’s this TV-program I need to waste my time on”, “Not today, I really need to take a shit”, etc, etc.
Then, all of a sudden, the winter is over, there’s no more snow and you’ll have to wait for the next winter to get that winter shot you were thinking about…
Humans seems to have an endless list of excuses. There’s more excuses than there are situations: for every situation there’s at least 10 excuses and the list is growing. Collectively we’re all experts in not getting things done. We’ve even built our modern societies around not getting things done – it’s called bureaucracy.

Keeping the economy running at any cost seems to be the only important thing we as humans can do. Never mind inventing things, taking care of each other and being creative. Let’s all just do pointless things just to pretend…

So, as I said: today I decided to go on a photo walk home. On my way I saw this:


A kid came skipping along and I realized that I’m an old fart: young, happy people are skipping – old farts are walking.
And let’s face it: most of us are old farts.

Here’s some more photos from today: