Two Years of ‘Quality’

Today in my notifications that we bloggers get from WordPress, it said:

«Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 2 years ago!».

Cool. I wasn’t aware that I had a ‘birthday’. Ever since I started this blog I’ve tried to live up to my motto:

“quality” blogging since August 2011

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Surprise: a gift for the blogging community

The theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week is surprise. Last year I made some logo suggestions for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. Well… New year, new logo, right? So, I made these new suggestions that are yours to use if you want to. They are Public Domain, which means that you can feel free to post them on your blog, alter them, print them in your local newspaper or whatever you feel like. As you can see I made different versions with both Canon & Nikon, plus one neutral for those of you that have other brands.

First here’s a gallery, then the photos are posted individually so it’s easier for you to donwload the one(s) you want.

Please follow the links to WordPress at the bottom of the post to learn how to add text and image widgets to your blog.




























How to add text and image widgets to your blog:

And here’s the 2012 logo:

Don’t share your opinion here on WordPress

Just agree instead.

Just agree instead.

Someone kept spewing out links to their old post, so I went to this persons blog and told her that she was a click-whore: spewing out links to old posts, without even bothering to write a new post and link back to the site in question.

After that WordPress set my account in some spam-filter, so whenever I comment on someone’s blog I end up in their spam-filter (unless they have already un-spammed me). The same happens with trackbacks/pingbacks. I’ve had this confirmed by plenty of fellow-bloggers.
I wrote to akismet technical support, but after having filled out a form, it’s been nothing but silence from their part.

To me it seems like WordPress only want us bloggers to share our opinions if we are cozy and agree with each other. Even when people are semi-spammers – using their blog to sell some products via text related product placement and advertising, we’re supposed to only write nice things like: “ooh, great post”, “lovely photo” and suck up to each other.

Is it really like that? Are all you WordPress bloggers out there just a bunch of pussies that can’t handle a negative remark now and then?
Are you children that cannot be told the truth about the world, only fairy tales with happy endings?

Personally I prefer people with opinions, even if they don’t always correlate with mine.

Today it’s the 4th of July, and a perfect date to write a post about Freedom of Speech. Well, perhaps not here on WordPress- they might slip the digital handcuffs on you for sharing your opinion.

Like Patti so elegantly put it:
“I know comments sometimes slip into spam but I had no idea there was a Sheriff in WPTown ready to slip on the handcuffs for words against the grain. I always thought WP comments went to spam after too many being made by the user in a particular period of time. If that’s so then why on the stats page do they suggest “making comments” to get more traffic? Hope this is resolved soon and am looking forward to your honest comment and opinion getting out and about again!”

What’s your opinion? Can you handle criticism, or do you prefer WordPress to protect your fragile little mind?


EDIT:  Today I got a message from the support team that I was un-spammed.
So now I can end my drama queen shenanigans (for now), but I’ll be back: riding Rocinante while courageously fighting injustice & digital internet windmills!

“Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants? I intend to do battle with them and slay them.”