Thanks to Those Who Wrote


Thanks to all of those who wrote a story based on my photos and special thanks to Krista that chose them for the post.

I had the honour of having the photos in my post «A Tribute to Mom» shared in a writing challenge from WordPress. There were also other bloggers that had their photos shown as “visual inspiration”. As a result of this, several bloggers wrote stories based on their own photos or on some of the photos that were chosen as visual inspiration. I don’t consider myself to be a writer, so it felt very flattering when other bloggers found inspiration in my photos and chose to write stories based on them. I want to thank all the bloggers that wrote something based on my photos. At first I thought about re-blogging their posts, but I’m not a re-blogger, so instead I’ll leave links to their posts, so that you can visit their posts and read the stories for yourself.
Special thank goes out to Krista that wrote the post on WordPress’ dailypost.

P.S. The flowers in the photo are some that we got on the day that my son was born.

Here are the stories: