Update on the Current Events

Model of Firenze.

Model of Firenze.

An update on the current events: First of all let me say thanks for all the comments on my posts lately and for your entries in “The Changing Seasons”-challenge to all of you. During the last weeks I’ve been (and will continue to be) very busy for a number of reasons:

I’ve been going a lot to the gym after work, followed by book reading (I’m turning into this weird combination of gym rat/book-worm – a fit nerd). So, instead of my usual procedure of editing photos for the blog, writing posts, visiting blogs etc, I’ve been reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami after work, gym and my daily 14 kilometers bike ride. My son has also been with me often: spending time with him is truly a pleasure. The photo related stuff I’ve been doing, is putting down some work on my official portfolio & a Facebook profile to go with it. I’ve also taken some mandatory photos for the next Changing Seasons and because of two trips abroad coming up shortly, the photos have already been edited (finished them last night) since I will be travelling when the next post is scheduled. As most of you already know, I recently visited Italy and still have photos to share from that trip (in other words: there’s plenty of material to come).

Self-portrait with guitar.

Self-portrait with guitar.

Needless to say that I probably won’t be updating the blog or visiting other blogs much (but I know the world of WordPress’ bloggers and there’s always plenty of stuff happening, so you won’t even notice my partly hiatus). The good news is that the trips abroad will (hopefully) generate a whole lot of photos and that my Instagram account is alive and kicking and is being updated regularly. If you’re on Instagram, you can always add me there to see what’s up (for the time being it’s a private profile because I post a mix between personal and professional photos, with main emphasis on the personal stuff, so send me a request and I’ll add you).


Self-portrait on bike

Self-portrait on bike

Travel Friendly Tripod

Because I’m going to Italy (my colleague is picking me up in an hour), I decided to buy a new tripod. The one I already have (Induro AKB1 | AT113)  is a very good and stable tripod, but it’s too large for travels and it ends up spending most of its time home alone.

So, this morning I went to the local toy store Scandinavian Photo and bought a Benro IT25. It can fit in a small suitcase, which means that it’s good for travelling. It’s made out of aluminium. They had some lighter carbon tripods there too, but the prices were too high. The aluminum one was something like 400 grams heavier and about 100 Euro cheaper.

In the camera bag I've packed:  
Olympus OMD EM5II
A 45mm, f1.8. Lens 
A 40-150mm, f2.8 lens
One ND8, plus one ND32 filter. 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 with a 12-32mm f3.5

Now I’m looking forward to try out this new tripod.

Specifications for Benro IT25:  
Sections: 5
Maximum height: 1545mm
Folded: 415mm
Weight 1,61kg
Load: 6kg

Enjoy your weekend!

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