Sunlight Through a Lamp

Sunlight through a lamp.

Sunlight through a lamp.


Here’s a similar photo I shot in Norway:

From this post:

For the WordPress challenge:

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017

B&W Challenge 4-5: Early Winter Morning


The wonderful Ksenia has challenged me to post black & white photos for the up-coming five days. It took me a few weeks to notice that I’d been challenged, but better late than never!

In return I nominate Robyn @

In order to take this challenge, you must post B&W photography for the next five days, and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Good luck!
(Needless to say, but of course you can also choose to not participate or to do it later if it doesn’t fit your current schedule).

Also check out Photo101 rehab: or some more sunny shots in Paula’s Thursday post:

Edit: Robyn has accepted the challenge.

Playing with the sun at Oslo Opera

I’ve posted several photos of the Oslo Opera House earlier, but none of them in sunlight like these.  Went down to the Opera house in Oslo last night to take some photos, all of these are shot between 20:00 – 21:00 in the evening.

Some rays of sun breaks through the clouds.

Some rays of sun breaks through the clouds and illuminates this building vis-a-vis Oslo Opera

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Sun & daily drama (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The challenge for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Sun”.

We’ve done sunset before, but what about when the sun, in its full glory, is the feature of your photo? Here’s a picture of a Roman alleyway, and the sun transforms this normal scene into something magical with its rays.

To me playing with lights & shadows is an integral part of photographing and in my opinion you’ll find the best natural light during sunrise & sunset. Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shoot some nice photos during broad daylight. Remember to keep your camera with you & keep your eyes open for that next shot.

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