No Challenge? Enjoy a Guinness instead!

Friday usually means another WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, but this Friday there was none because of reasons unknown. I’m pretty sure that the WordPress team have a legit reason for not being able to post the WPC exactly on Friday, so instead of waiting for the WPC to be posted, I decided to join Pseu’s “No Challenge” post:

There’s nothing like a Guinness on a Friday night after work!

There's nothing like a Guiness after work on Friday night!

There’s nothing like a Guinness after work on Friday night!

Cheers! Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S: If you like my photography posts, I’ve made a new page on the blog dedicated to the all my posts on the subject.

More people have decided to join the party! Jude also brought a beer!

Unfocused (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Friday and another weekly photo challenge! After a little back and forth I’ve changed the background & the header image of the blog. I wasn’t sure if I should use a bright background and a dark font, but as you can see I ended up with a dark background and a bright font. Hopefully this will help to highlight the images.

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Sun & daily drama (Weekly Photo Challenge)

The challenge for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Sun”.

We’ve done sunset before, but what about when the sun, in its full glory, is the feature of your photo? Here’s a picture of a Roman alleyway, and the sun transforms this normal scene into something magical with its rays.

To me playing with lights & shadows is an integral part of photographing and in my opinion you’ll find the best natural light during sunrise & sunset. Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to shoot some nice photos during broad daylight. Remember to keep your camera with you & keep your eyes open for that next shot.

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Two Subjects (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I think WordPress came up with an interesting subject this week. In fact so interesting that I think I’ll post a second post for this challenge later – I still have a lot of photos from France that needs post-processing and some of them might be suitable.

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Journey (Weekly Photo Challenge)

“Share a picture which means JOURNEY to you!”

Recently I translated this travel article I wrote from Nepal. Now I’m on a journey to the French Alps, so I don’t have time to write. But I’ll leave you with these two photos from Oslo:

Arranged Police Horses (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Finally WordPress posted their Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the theme is “Arranged”. So, here’s a photo from a demonstration in Oslo, Romeo – all lined up: