Amazing winter-colors (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I posted a winter photo from Oslo just a few days ago and today, as luck would have it, the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is “Winter”. Here are a couple of more winter photos that I shot the other day, except from the last one which is from winter 2009. I wanted to share with you how beautiful the sky can be during the winter. 

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Between – Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo shot in Tel Aviv (

Time for another weekly photo challenge again. Don’t have much to say about this photo, and I don’t have time to come up with any words of wisdom, so I guess you’ll have to come up with your own…
Happy holidays everyone! Now I’ll have to start the preparations!

Between other bloggers:

Edit: Added these two photos.

People between home & work

People between home & work

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Last week I was so busy that I didn’t have time to enter the “Weekly Photo Challenge” properly (I just linked to an old post about breakfast).

This week’s theme is Family, which I guess is a pretty easy challenge for most people, especially now that they celebrate thanksgiving in the US – that should be a great opportunity to shoot some family photos.
We recently got a scanner, so actually I have tons of funny family photos from the psychedelic 1970’s and the horrible 80’s on a disk, but instead of posting one of them, I chose to share this photo of my wife (well, at least parts of her):

Will Cinderellas shoe fit?

Will Cinderella’s shoe fit?

It’s shot at the day of our wedding party and she is trying on shoes before we leave the house.

The Underwater World (Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonders)

At first I thought that this weeks Photo Challenge would be a tricky one, but as I sat down and started thinking about my options I realized that I had plenty to choose from. My immediate reaction was: “Hmmm, didn’t I go to a hospital and document some child births lately?”, but then I suddenly remembered that the security personnel on the hospital forced me to delete all those photos from my memory card as they threw me out of the hospital… 🙂  How rude! So, with those pictures eliminated, I had to dig deeper… Deep into the magic of the sea…
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The Opera House in Oslo (Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows)

I’ve already posted a picture from a violent demonstration for the weekly photo challenge this week, but the picture I posted was from my back-catalog and a few years old, so this morning I figured I’d grab the camera and head out for a fresh photo shoot.
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Violent Demonstration (Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows)

Here’s a photo I shot for a Norwegian newspaper during a violent demonstration in Oslo, Norway. Notice that one of the police officers are holding his shield upwards to protect him and the other officers against the rock that is flying through the air and is about to hit.

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In the mist of the waterfall (weekly photo challenge – hidden)

I found the Photo Challenge this week to be very challenging, because I had too many ideas and too many photos to choose from (luxury problem). After having opted out a bunch of photos, I ended up with these photos shot at a secret location somewhere in Midgard (Miðgarðr as it is called in Old Norse. Meaning Middle-Earth, the home of the humans). What you see on these photos is the most common, or most known, example of the optical phenomenon called dispersion:

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Low-fat, yoghurt based cheese: Labane

Here’s something that has happened to, if not all, then probably most of us:
You’re sitting there, stuck in rush hour on your way to or back from somewhere, your mind wanders off, in the background the voices on the radio just turns into mumbling and then suddenly…

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A girl at the market (weekly photo challenge – possibility)

Here’s a photo of a girl I captured at the market in Jerusalem. The market is known as the Shouk Mahne Yehuda, or just HaShouk (the shouk – the market). The poem I chose is written by american poet Shel Siverstein (September 25, 1930 – May 9/10, 1999). Continue reading