The Underwater World (Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonders)

At first I thought that this weeks Photo Challenge would be a tricky one, but as I sat down and started thinking about my options I realized that I had plenty to choose from. My immediate reaction was: “Hmmm, didn’t I go to a hospital and document some child births lately?”, but then I suddenly remembered that the security personnel on the hospital forced me to delete all those photos from my memory card as they threw me out of the hospital… 🙂  How rude! So, with those pictures eliminated, I had to dig deeper… Deep into the magic of the sea…
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In the mist of the waterfall (weekly photo challenge – hidden)

I found the Photo Challenge this week to be very challenging, because I had too many ideas and too many photos to choose from (luxury problem). After having opted out a bunch of photos, I ended up with these photos shot at a secret location somewhere in Midgard (Miðgarðr as it is called in Old Norse. Meaning Middle-Earth, the home of the humans). What you see on these photos is the most common, or most known, example of the optical phenomenon called dispersion:

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Random pictures of TLV

Just some random pictures from Tel Aviv. Trying out the tourist camera Canon Ixus130. Actually I much prefer one of my other cameras where I have manual focus (digital single-lens reflex camera – SLR/DSLR), because then the photographer is more in control of the motive and one can have more diversity. Continue reading