What makes a man a writer?

He asked, “What makes a man a writer?” “Well,” I said, “it’s simple. You either get it down on paper, or jump off a bridge.

Quote: Charles Bukowski

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King Missile – The Trees

Keywords: Tree, park, Oslo

Keywords: Tree, park, Oslo

King Missile – The Trees

Then there was the time that the earth was ruled by trees.
There were emperor trees and empress trees. All trees were royalty. Their roots sank deeply down into the ground, and their branches reached higher into the sky than the birds could fly. And the trees all communicated with each other, and all of them together made the decisions for the entire planet. Their authority went unquestioned for many thousands of years. They were wise and benevolent rulers, and the world prospered.

But when the others came, they did not understand or recognize the power of the trees. They set up new systems that supplanted the trees and sapped their strength. And now the trees bleed rivers of blood down in the ground under our feet. There’s an ocean of blood in the core of the earth, and now we write on trees. We make furniture out of trees. We clean up kitchen spills with trees. We wipe our spotty behinds with trees. We put trees in our houses at Christmastime. The trees say nothing, because now they are weak. But they know that our time will be brief, that we will soon perish and the trees will rule again, and the earth will be strong and beautiful once more.
So, you see, it’s not such a sad story after all.

Lyrics: King Missile

Indulge before your flight (Weekly Photo Challenge)

For this weeks Photo Challenge, WordPress writes:
“Indulge. When we think of the word indulge, food often comes to mind, but indulging isn’t always about food. You can indulge in moments, feelings, emotions, places, and more! It can be a private moment rocking on a hammock, watching a movie on a work day, eating that second piece of chocolate cake, reliving a memory, fantasizing about the future, or treating or pampering yourself.”

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The Underwater World (Weekly Photo Challenge – Wonders)

At first I thought that this weeks Photo Challenge would be a tricky one, but as I sat down and started thinking about my options I realized that I had plenty to choose from. My immediate reaction was: “Hmmm, didn’t I go to a hospital and document some child births lately?”, but then I suddenly remembered that the security personnel on the hospital forced me to delete all those photos from my memory card as they threw me out of the hospital… 🙂  How rude! So, with those pictures eliminated, I had to dig deeper… Deep into the magic of the sea…
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The Armenian Priest

Just wanted to share this photo of an Armenian priest (I am pretty sure he’s an Armenian priest, but I didn’t ask him) that I captured in Jerusalem. I’ve been experimenting with the background and played with the colours (hope you’ll like it), to make the priest ‘stand out’ from the surroundings. The thing I probably like best about this photo is the look the priest gets from the woman behind him. Continue reading

In the mist of the waterfall (weekly photo challenge – hidden)

I found the Photo Challenge this week to be very challenging, because I had too many ideas and too many photos to choose from (luxury problem). After having opted out a bunch of photos, I ended up with these photos shot at a secret location somewhere in Midgard (Miðgarðr as it is called in Old Norse. Meaning Middle-Earth, the home of the humans). What you see on these photos is the most common, or most known, example of the optical phenomenon called dispersion:

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