Anita Sikorska Gallery

Random collection of photos from a photo shoot with Anita Sikorska.

These were shot in an old fort. We set off some smoke bombs, used reflectors and flash and took advantage of the sunlight at the time around sunset. We had to work very quickly because of the sun and the smoke.

Photo Shoot With Tomer & Shanny

I’m short on time these days. So short that it’s taken me one month to post-process these photos from a photo shoot we had in Israel during the Pesach / Easter holidays. We were two photographers, Ira Khalistonov and myself, but I was the photographer behind the photos in this post.

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Couple Portrait in Black & White



We had a photo shoot in Israel. I haven’t had the time to post-process all the photos yet, but you can consider this image a small taste of what’s to come. The models on the photo is not a couple in real life, only for this shoot. This is also my entry for Leanne & Laura’s Monochrome Madness.


Studio with Pamela

Here’s a couple of the shots from last weekend with Pamela – an awesome model that’s very comfortable, natural and easy to work with (make sure to check out my two previous posts with Pamela and Natalia). I tried to get a variety of looks on these photos and I like the results.