Oslo reflections in a thin layer of ice


The thin layer of ice won’t last long…

This is a little preview of what’s to come in my next «The Changing Seasons» Post. It’s also my entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge this week. Check out the changing seasons challenge here: https://cardinalguzman.wordpress.com/tag/the-changing-seasons/

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New Years Gallery 2014!

I joined Akam’s Photo Club on a photo walk a couple of days ago.
When I left home the sky was grey and it was raining a lot, so I actually stopped 5 meters outside the door, turned around and considered to stay at home instead. Then I thought that it would be good to meet some other photo nerds, so I defied the weather and went to meet them. I’m glad I did because we had a good photo walk, the weather cleared (well, sort of – it was still raining now and then during our walk) and besides, I needed to get a break from the house after having spent too much time inside during the holidays.


A double rainbow! I Wouldn’t have caught that from the comfort of my sofa.

Here it is: the last (and largest?) gallery from me this year. They were all shot a few days ago on the photo walk. See you in 2014! Enjoy life!

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Oslo Opera by Night

Two days ago I posted a bunch of photos shot on a foggy day around the Opera House in Oslo. None of these shoots had an abundance of favourable light, but low-light photography can open for interesting possibilities that you wouldn’t have under conventionally perfect lighting conditions. Night-time photography can also  produce interesting results, but this time I remembered to bring my tripod which gave me a better starting point as this eliminates camera movement.
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The Opera House in Oslo (Weekly Photo Challenge – Windows)

I’ve already posted a picture from a violent demonstration for the weekly photo challenge this week, but the picture I posted was from my back-catalog and a few years old, so this morning I figured I’d grab the camera and head out for a fresh photo shoot.
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