The Changing Seasons: September 2018

September etc…

Frognerbekken, Vigelandsparken.


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The Changing Seasons: June 2018

During June I’ve been arranging several concerts and I’ve played a few myself. In the clips that you can see here, it’s only the one called “A Little Taste From Our House Gigs” that aren’t from June. All the other ones are.

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Musical Transformation

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie

You can buy/stream my music on Google Play, Spotify, Itunes and Amazon Music. Search for “Mads Bjørkli” or “Knuste Hjerter EP”. Will soon also be available via WiMp/Tidal, Shazam and other platforms (see image below).

Here’s a link to Google Play:

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You can also follow my musical adventures on these platforms:

(This is my entry for the WPC challenge this week)

New Musical Adventures

Photo: Lily Clic Photographie

I figured I’d give you a little peek on what I’ve been doing lately. For a while I’ve been working on my music: recorded a few songs, played them live here & there and uploaded them to YouTube. Today I also created a Facebook page, so feel free to follow me on either platforms: Facebook and/or YouTube (don’t be afraid to click “like” or “subscribe”). No obligations though. The Facebook page is a public site, so you don’t have to register at Facebook in order to see it. There’s not much on there yet, but hopefully I’ll have more material to share in the not too distant future.

My new material will also be available for streaming on several platforms shortly, but it’s a process that takes some time. One of the songs I’ve uploaded has English lyrics, there’s one instrumental and the rest are in Norwegian.

Abandoned – music and photo

Here’s another one of my songs. This one is called «Forlatt», which means abandoned / left behind. This song was recorded at a jam session with Knut & Even. I’ve added the lyrics in Norwegian with an English translation.

Norwegian lyrics – Forlatt:

solen har gått ned
fuglene har sluttet å synge
blomstene har visnet
og mannen i månen er død og begravet

det hele ble mørkt
den dagen du forsvant
det ble stille å være aleine
skyene kom og dekket til himmelen

som morgendugg ved soloppgang
forsvant du fra meg
og nattens beskyttende himmel
skjulte seg i lyset

og nattens beskyttende himmel
skjulte seg i lyset

English translation – Abandoned:

the sun has set
the birds are no longer singing
the flowers have wilted
and the man in the moon is dead and buried

it all became dark
the day you disappeared
it was quiet to be all alone
clouds came and covered the sky

like morning dew at sunrise
you vanished from me
and the protective sky of the night
went hiding in the light

and the protective sky of the night
went hiding in the light

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