Lonesome Highway | Nepal Bus Ride

In Nepal I got on the wrong bus to Kathmandu. Two buses were leaving at the same time, from the same bus station, heading to the same destination…

Riding on the top of a bus in Nepal.

An old self-portrait from a fun ride: on the top of a bus in Nepal. Click to see larger image.

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Inside: a photographic journey through India & Nepal

Often the inside of something is even more interesting than the outside. – Sara Rosso

Here’s some pictures that represents “inside”, plus a bunch that I just throw in for fun. All these photos were shot between December 2004 – December 2005 when I spent 9 months traveling around in India on my Bullet 350 motorcycle. Most of the time was spent in in Delhi & Rishikesh, plus 3 months were I settled in a village in Nepal.   

Inside my Bullet350

The inside of my Bullet350

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Life in a village by the foot of the Himalayas

I promised you that I would translate this into English and here it is: This is a travel article I wrote for a newspaper several years ago, concerning daily life in a small village just outside Pokhara Lakeside, Nepal.

Pokhara – that’s where I’m located between sunrise and sunset these days. Where I’m at during the hours that we refer to as sleep, is somewhat unclear. I assume that I’m  sleeping in the little stone house that I rent outside the city and outside the tourist area. But, as they say in Spanish:

Pregunta a las Mariposas (go and ask the butterflies).

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Landsbylivet ved foten av Himalaya

Dette er en reiseartikkel jeg skrev for en del år tilbake som omhandler dagliglivet i en liten landsby rett utenfor Pokhara Lakeside, Nepal.

Pokhara, det er altså hvor jeg holder til mellom soloppgang og solnedgang i disse dager. Hvor jeg holder til under de timene av døgnet vi refererer til som søvn, er noe uklart. Jeg går ut i fra at jeg befinner meg sovende i det lille steinhuset jeg leier utenfor byen og utenfor turistområdet. Men, som de sier på spansk:

pregunta a las mariposas (gå og spør sommerfuglene).

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Farming in the Third World (weekly photo challenge)

The theme for WordPress’ weekly photo challenge this week is “Simple”.

That made me think of this photo I took when I lived in a small village in Nepal. The local farmers were busy planting rice in order to take advantage of all the water that pours down during rainy season.
Nepalese Traktor

Nepalese tractor. No need to worry about any carbon footprint…

Here’s my Nepalese neighbors busy on the rice paddies: their method & tools are simple, eco-friendly, brilliant & ancient.

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