Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon / A different view on Krakow

This is my entry for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week is «Horizon» and I’ve used a technique called ‘displacement map’ to blend these images together. Both photos are shot in Krakow, Poland. One on the streets of Krakow, while I shot the model in the studio of Pawel Wodnicki.


Weekly Photo Challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/weekly-photo-challenge-horizon/

Pawel Wodnicki: http://www.pawelwodnicki.pl

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Frontal Nude in Studio

I participated in a photo workshop in Krakow this weekend and here I got to work with several top models and photographers from Poland. This particular photo is shot in the studio of Pawel Wodnicki. Pawel was one of the instructors of the photo work shop.

Photo: CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com Studio Pawel Wodnicki http://www.pawelwodnicki.pl Work Shop  http://www.krakowlight.com Model: Pamela

Photo: CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com. Studio Pawel Wodnicki. Model: Pamela

Photo: CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Studio Pawel Wodnicki: http://www.pawelwodnicki.pl

Photo Work Shop: http://www.krakowlight.com

Model: Pamela