Skull with Curly Hair

Skull with curly hair.

Skull with curly hair. Model: Magdalena

I’ll admit that this portrait is shot using artificial light. I might also have altered the image slightly using software. If you ever come across a woman looking like this, then quickly head for a new horizon..

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Paulina & Magdalena

Two portraits with Paulina and Magdalena Jewuła.

Paulina Starosielec


Film noir portrait of Magdalena Jewuła

Film noir portrait of Magdalena Jewuła

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Portraits: Magdalena Jewuła

Back in June, I promised you that you’d see more of Magdalena Jewuła. I’m the kind of man who likes to keep his promises (well, probably not all of them –  but at least I always try to keep them), so here she is again: the wonderful Magdalena Jewuła.

Magda the Mountain Lion

Magdalena Jewuła as Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion photo by Brad Wilson. Composite by

Magdalena Jewuła as Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion photo by Brad Wilson. Composite by

This is a composite image that I made based on one of Brad Wilson’s photos of a mountain lion. If you don’t know his work, I suggest that you check out Brad Wilson’s studio portraits of wild animals. He’s got some truly brilliant photos. The human element here is a studio portrait that I shot of the model Magdalena Jewuła. The composite image is inspired by a work of the Italian experimental photographer Wanda Wulz (1903 – 1984).
I guess you can say that Wanda Wulz is my muse when it comes to composite images of felines and people.

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Photo Session with Magdalena Jewuła

Meet the wonderful and talented Magdalena Jewuła.

Magdalena Jewuła by

Magdalena Jewuła by

More photos to come later. You can check out her official Facebook page here:ła-photo-model/303103629839923