Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life


It looks like they’re heading towards Korova Milk Bar, but in reality it’s an early morning in Jerusalem – the capitol of Israel – and theses guys are most likely on their way to work.

If you want to see more street photography from Israel, check out my post «Street Gallery – August 2013 – Part 1» or have a look at WordPress: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/street-life/


Reflections of Jerusalem – השתקפויות של ירושלים


«Reflect: to consider where we’ve been in life, where we are now, and where we’re going. […] This week , in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us an image that says reflection. It could be a person who helps you see things clearly, a place you go to collect your thoughts, or an object that reminds you of your achievements. You could also go for something more literal, like a reflection in water. Or something that demonstrates both interpretations of the word, as I’ve done in this shot.» – Ben, WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge

Enjoy my gallery: «Reflections of Jerusalem – השתקפויות של ירושלים»
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B&W Sunday: Israel 1970′s & Johnny Cash

This is my second post in my series with retro photos from Israel: «Israel 1970′s». This time I’ve also chosen to add a photo that was sent to me by one of my contacts. It’s from one of Johnny Cash’s many visits to Jerusalem. His first visit took place in 1966 when Mr. Cash was thirty-four. The other photos, also from my contact, is typical family photos of the era. 

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מסגד אל-אקצא

I played around with Photomatix today and decided to create two different versions of the same photo: one made with Photomatix and Lightroom, the other with Photoshop and Lightroom.

The motive is the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Israel.

After the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in 637 CE, Umayyad Caliphs commissioned the construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock on the site.[4] The Dome was completed in 692 CE, making it one of the oldest extant Islamic structures in the world, after the Kaabah. The Al Aqsa Mosque rests on the far southern side of the Mount, facing Mecca. The Dome of the Rock currently sits in the middle, occupying or close to the area where the Bible mandates the Holy Temple be rebuilt. – Wikipedia

Edit: I decided to add this third version. It’s post-processed in Photoshop & Lightroom, but not as HDR.

Third version: Lightroom & Photoshop (but not HDR)

Third version: Lightroom & Photoshop (but not HDR)


Security Check Point

Here’s one of my old photos. Shot with my first DSLR which was Canon EOS 300D.

This was shot back in 2007 with my Canon EOS 300D @ 1/30 sec, f/3.5, ISO 400.

This was shot back in 2007 with my Canon EOS 300D @ 1/30 sec, f/3.5, ISO 400.

It’s a security check point in Jerusalem.

More travels here: http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/08/30/travel-theme-distance/

Focus: Sleepy in Jerusalem

Here’s a small preview of what’s to come in my August Street Photo Gallery. I captured this guy as he was sleeping his way through the narrow streets in the old city of Jerusalem.


The Depth of Field isn’t extremely shallow, but still shallow enough to lead the eyes to the boy and the two women.  Theoretically I could have shot this at a different aperture to blur out the background even more, but here the background also creates the scene. Sometimes when you’re shooting street photography, you just have to be quick to get the image you want and then there’s no second chance.

More entries for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/weekly-photo-challenge-focus/

At the end of this month I’ll publish a street photo gallery with lots of photos from Israel. Make sure to check back if you’re interested.

Geometry in Jerusalem

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week: «Share a photo that means GEOMETRY to you!» So, I chose these photos from two different parts of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

The bridge is called גשר המיתרים (The Strings Bridge), while the graves on the photos is shot at The British War Cemetery (בית הקברות הצבאי הבריטי בירושלים) in Jerusalem. The cemetery is located between הגבעה הצרפתית (The French Hill) and האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) on Mount Scopus. By the way: someone told me that the The French Hill has nothing to do with France, but that it’s named after some guy named French.


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Morning at the Western Wall

People performing their morning prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

“They will revere You at sun[rise], and before the moon, for all generations.” (Ps. 72:5). Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

This photo is shot early morning during sunrise where a group of jews perform a prayer called Shacharit. Observant jews pray 3 times a day (women only pray once). The first prayer of the day is called Shacharit and must take place before 1/3 of the day is over. The other two prayers are Mincha in the afternoon (must take place before sunset) and Maariv in the evening/night after sunset.

As always you can click the photo to see a large version. It might look compressed in shitty browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 (this blog’s theme is not supported in older versions of Internet Explorer). If it looks weird just click the photo again and you’ll be able to see a correctly displayed version, but the best solution is to change your browser to Opera, Firefox or Chrome.

10 photos from Jerusalem

10 photos from Jerusalem. 

Bread stall in Jerusalem's old city

Bread stall in Jerusalem’s old city

If you're a celiac I can recommend Black Bar & Burger. It's a chain of restaurants spread across Israel and it's possible to get a decent gluten free hamburger there.

If you’re a celiac I can recommend Black Bar & Burger. It’s a chain of restaurants spread across Israel and it’s possible to get decent gluten free hamburgers there.

A guy walking down a Jerusalem street in his Jewniform.

A guy walking down a Jerusalem street in his Jewniform.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

A beggar in Jerusalem

A beggar in Jerusalem

“When I get down to my last dime I’ll just walk over to skid row.”
“There are some real weirdos down there.”
“They’re everywhere.”
― Charles Bukowski, Ham on Rye

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Jerusalem Street Photography

I wanted to share this photo from Jerusalem that was shot last summer. This a typical case of “shooting from the hip”.Jerusalem Street Photography by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Jerusalem Street Photography by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

Shooting from the hip means taking a risk, as it is unpredictable, yet it can yield good results and I’m quite pleased with this particular photo.

Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
Aperture: f/5,0
ISO: 100

Kids playing football in Jerusalem

The title pretty much explains everything: Kids playing football in Jerusalem.
I don’t know if there’s anything more to say about this photo…?

Kids playing football in Jerusalem

Kids having fun: playing football in Jerusalem

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The Armenian Priest

Just wanted to share this photo of an Armenian priest (I am pretty sure he’s an Armenian priest, but I didn’t ask him) that I captured in Jerusalem. I’ve been experimenting with the background and played with the colours (hope you’ll like it), to make the priest ‘stand out’ from the surroundings. The thing I probably like best about this photo is the look the priest gets from the woman behind him. Continue reading

A girl at the market (weekly photo challenge – possibility)

Here’s a photo of a girl I captured at the market in Jerusalem. The market is known as the Shouk Mahne Yehuda, or just HaShouk (the shouk – the market). The poem I chose is written by american poet Shel Siverstein (September 25, 1930 – May 9/10, 1999). Continue reading

Black-Jesus from Nazareth?

"Is it Obama? No, it's Little Black-Jesus of Nazareth."

“Is it President Obama? No, its Little Black-Jesus of Nazareth.”

This is how he looked like, Jesus of Nazareth, according to the picture hanging in the church of the Ethiopian Christians in the eternal capital of the Holy Land: Jesus was black (finally this puzzle is solved). Right next to Black-Jesus there’s a picture of white-Jesus (perhaps we are more accustomed to seeing him pictured this way?), Continue reading

Svarte-Jesus fra Nazareth?

"Is it Obama? No, it's Little Black-Jesus of Nazareth."

"Er det Obama? Nei, det er lille Svarte-Jesus fra Nazareth."

Slik så han altså ut, Jesus fra Nazareth, ifølge bildet som henger i kirken til de etiopiske kristne i Det Hellige Lands evige hovedstad. Jesus var svart (så da er det oppklart).

Rett ved siden av svarte-Jesus, henger hvite-Jesus (slik vi kanskje er mer vant til å se han avbildet), Continue reading

Early morning Jerusalem – photos

Jerusalem – the capital of Israel – is situated in the central part of the mountain range of Israel. This city has been habited as early as  the fourth millennium B.C.E, much because of its comparatively low environments, with easy passages eastwards and westwards, and a spring which provides abundant water all year round.
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