Horta – Azorean Islands – Portugal

Horta, Portugal: A couple of years ago we went to visit the Azorean Islands of Portugal.

Since then I’ve had these photos in a “waiting to be published” folder on my computer. Today I figured that it was about time to post them in this point&shoot gallery:


Horta (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈɔɾtɐ]) is a single municipality and city in the western part of the Archipelago of the Azores, encompassing the island of Faial. The population in 2011 was 14,994,[1] in an area of 173.06 km².[2] The city of Horta itself has a population of about 7,000.[3] – Wikipedia

Night waves hit Horta in this music clip:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

I’ve been working/re-working on some old photos lately and one of them is suitable for this week’s photo challenge. These were shot on the Azorean Islands of Portugal back in 2012.

Azorean Islands, Portugal.

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