It was a cold day for both police, journalists, animals and demonstrators.

Police Horses in Snow

Went to capture some photos at a protest demonstration in Gamlebyen, Oslo today. The police were there and they’d put on their riot gear and brought their horses, but the protest was conducted without any violent episodes. After a couple of hours the protesters returned to their homes, which was very nice for all the…

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Arranged Police Horses (Weekly Photo Challenge)

Finally WordPress posted their Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the theme is “Arranged”. So, here’s a photo from a demonstration in Oslo, Romeo – all lined up: Related articles Violent Demonstration ( Follow-up on the Violent Demonstration ( Weekly Photo Challenge ( Contrast, Snow, Trees and Trains! (


A day at the Delhi Derby

Some years back I ended up living in Delhi for a period of 3-4 months, which means that I’ve pretty much seen & experienced, if not everything, then at least most of what Delhi has to offer – both touristy & non-touristy things. Some of the stuff I’ve seen/done several times: During my stay I…