The History of Tattoo quoted in an article

One of my articles about the history of tattoo have been quoted in another article on the same subject. It’s always an honour to be quoted, especially when it’s from an article that I’ve spent many hours researching and writing. It’s a while ago since both mine and the Gizmodo article was published, but I thought I’d give it a shout out anyway (better late than tomorrow, right?).


Facsimile from Gizmodo

If you’re interested, visit Gizmodo for their article and (of course) you can also read my article here in the blog. THis is the second time one of my articles on tattoos have been quoted. The first time was in a scientific paper.

P.S. I’ve started working on a new article on tattooing now (it’s a combined travel report/tattoo article) and, thanks to some inspiration from David Bennett by a comment he left me here in the blog, I’ll also begin to work on my next article in The History of Tattoo.