Photo Galleries | Random 2014

I thought that I’d recycle – it’s environmental friendly, plus there’s not a lot of traffic during the holidays, so posting new stuff is useless anyway. Enjoy these two photo galleries with random shots uploaded in 2014.

January – May:

June – December:

These are my plans for 2015:

  • The weekly Sunday posts in my secondary blog won’t continue (only 2 or 3 of you will miss those posts, so it won’t be a big loss).
  • Instead I’ll do a couple of guest posts in other blogs, and..
  • … I’ve been thinking about starting a monthly challenge that will give you a diverse set of pictures for your portfolio.
  • I might (or I might not) finish one of my neverending projects (The digital drawing of Alice in Wonderland).
  • Hopefully I’ll publish the next article in the History of Tattoo (I think I said that last year too, so don’t get your hopes up).
  • And of course it’ll be business as usual: participating in weekly photo challenges, posting a photo now & then, here & there.

Two Years of ‘Quality’

Today in my notifications that we bloggers get from WordPress, it said:

«Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 2 years ago!».

Cool. I wasn’t aware that I had a ‘birthday’. Ever since I started this blog I’ve tried to live up to my motto:

“quality” blogging since August 2011

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