Church near Linas

Church near Linas, France.

This church is in a village near Linas, France.

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Magic Reflections in Marseille

It’s not magic – it’s only reflections, but reflections can be a lot of fun for a photographer.

I captured these when I visited Marseille a couple of weeks ago.

More photos from Marseille:

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

Here’s the reason I went to Marseille:

We used to visit Grenoble

All of these photos, except the one with a view from the hill over a city, are taken in Grenoble. I don’t remember the name of the other city, but it’s right next to Grenoble.

We had some friends that lived in Grenoble, so we went there to visit them a couple of times, but a few days ago they moved to a country far, far, away. Hopefully we can visit them there some day!

HDR Grenoble

Just felt like playing around with this Grenoble shot – exaggerate the colors. In my opinion the result is horrible, but I know that some people like HDR and that they prefer the colors all fucked up like on some LSD trip. Personally I like it more subtle.

Grenoble, France.

Grenoble, France.

If you search for Grenoble in the blog, you’ll find some more photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary Fight

Grenoble, France: lion de Saint-Laurent, Fontaine au lion, by ; Victor Sappey

Grenoble, France: lion de Saint-Laurent, Fontaine au lion, by ; Victor Sappey

Fontaine au lion in Grenoble, near the bridge Saint-Laurent. The lion symbolizes the city, defeating the Isère river, represented by a snake. Sculpture by Victor Sappey, 1843. Sappey was inspired by the violent encounter of the two rivers, which was often punctuated by devastating floods. The fountain was carved directly into the stone.

At first I shot a version of this photo in the middle of the day, but the hard light ruined the atmosphere, so I decided to return in the night-time and shoot it again. To me it’s something solitary over this statue in the sense that you’ll have to fight your own fights in this life: no one can fight them for you.

Now that you’re here, please enjoy this clip with classical guitar. I composed the tune while my friend Sjur made the rhythm. We played this song in my mom’s funeral and it’s called “A Tune For Mom”.

Here’s another fountain sculpted by Vitor Sappeys: Chateau d’eau, Place Grenette, Grenoble.

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