Kjærlighet – Love

At school our teacher told us to play with fonts and gave us an assignment: replace one of the letters in any chosen word, with a symbol. (Yes, it was art school). Kjærlighet is what I came up with. «Kjærlighet» is the Norwegian word for “Love“.

Kjærlighet - Love

Kjærlighet – Love

Ink/pen on paper.


Rusty thing and new old font

I have no idea what this thing is for, but it was worth a picture.

Rusty thing I found one rainy autumn day...

Rusty thing I found on a rainy autumn day back in 2012…

I had some old cd’s lying around that contained back up from my prehistoric, ancient computer. The cd’s were so old that they were unreadable for the modern day hardware, so I had to rip out the cd-rom from the old computer and install it into the new one  to be able to read the cd’s. The old cd burner was so slow that it took around 9 hours to copy the files from the cd onto the hard disk. Eventually it worked and after two days of copying old material, I could finally have a look at all the old files. Among the files I found a whole bunch of fonts that a friend gave me. The font I used on this photo is called HourPhoto.