Double exposures plus some street

Enjoy these double exposures plus some street photography. I hope you’ve had a great weekend. It’s almost finished now, but it will return in less than a week.

Check out Paula’s B&W Sunday post:

My Heart Is a Flower

"My Heart Is a Flower" is a song by avant-garde band King Missile. It was the only single from the band's 1991 album The Way to Salvation.

“My Heart Is a Flower” is a song by avant-garde band King Missile.

“My Heart Is a Flower” is a song by avant-garde band King Missile. It was the only single from the band’s 1991 album The Way to Salvation.

In “My Heart Is a Flower,” a pop rock track with elements of psychedelic rock, frontman John S. Hall repeatedly sings the titular phrase, recites a short monologue expanding on the heart-as-flower metaphor, then returns to singing the titular phrase as the music crescendos.

In an interview circa 1992, Hall explained his inspiration for the song as follows:
“ …[W]hen I really, really feel very bad, what I want to do is make myself feel better, so I’ll write something happier. ‘My Heart Is a Flower’ is really a funny song. I was very, very sad when I wrote that one and a lot of people find that surprising. But I felt really, really trampled on, like a flower that’s been thrown down in the dirt, when I wrote that. – Source: Wikipedia

My heart is a flower,
Budding, blooming, dripping dew,
Dropping petals all over the place,
Making a big hopeless mess,
Stinking things up,
Waiting for someone to come flying over and suck the pollen out of me,
Suck me dry,
Til I wilt,
Til I am nothing,
Til next spring.
My Heart is a Flower

– King Missile (John S. Hall)

My Best Photos 2013?

My blogger friend Paula suggested that I should make a post with my best photos of 2013 – one for each month. I found it difficult to pick out the best photos of the ones I posted in 2013, but I gave it a go. 

Some of the months were easy, because I didn’t have that many photos to choose from, while other were more difficult. For the most difficult ones I chose to add a “runner up photo”. Most of these photos were shot in 2013. Some of them are older, but they were all posted in 2013.

It’s with great joy I present you this gallery:  

I know you probably won’t sift through this endless list of links, but for those few who are specially interested – the photos are from these following posts:

  1. January:
  2. February:
  3. March:
  4. April:
    – Runner-up: (Runner-up because of personal reasons, but also because the photo tells a story.)
  5. May:
  6. June:
  7. July:
    – Runner-up: (Runner-up because it won me a prize.)
  8. August:
  9. September:
  10. October:
    – Runner-up: (Runner-up because it was connected to one of the pages – not to a post. Also because it has been previously published in the blog)
  11. November:
    – Runner-up: (Runner-up because it was a part of a post about my flickr gallery. Originally the photo was published in 2012)
  12. December:
    – Runner-up:

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