A Cardinal Dinner Party

Sometimes I try to create something artistic out of my photos – instead of just making/posting an ordinary photo, so during the weekend I sat down and had some fun with Photoshop. I actually got the idea and started working on this photo a long time ago, but then we got a kid, moved to a new apartment, got a new computer and I forgot about the whole thing. The original photo was taken in 1934 during a dinner party at a church choir.


Who will go home with who when the evening is done?

This photo suits excellent for the «Connect» theme in #photo101 and it got me thinking of this song by John S Hall and Kramer. John S. Hall & Kramer – «The Party» is from the album “real men”. Lyrics written by John S. Hall, music composed by Kramer.

it was time to go to the party
everybody took a long cleansing shower
and put on their special party clothes
it was going to be a wonderful and exciting occasion
everybody had been looking forward to it all week
it kept them going just thinking about what a wonderful time they were all going to have

the promise of the party, almost made everybody’s living conditions bearable
the boredom, the anxiety, the despair, the pain, the pain, the pain
it was all bearable this week, because there was going to be a party

and now it was time to go to the party
everybody started to get tense, they started to say to themselves:
“What if the party isn’t any good? I hate boring parties. I’d rather stay home.
Why go out? I could get killed. I don’t need this. It’s raining out. Besides, what if it was a good party?
What if it was the best party ever? Then, when it was over, I’d start thinking about how there would never be such a good party ever again.
I’d rather have something to look forward to, I’m still young, this is no time to go to a party, it’s raining out.
I’m going to call all my friends and tell them not to go.”

So nobody went to the party, and it was truly, truly, truly the best party ever.