Street Portraits of Two Young Girls

I’ve posted a B&W portrait of these two young girls before, but I thought I’d share this colorful gallery too. Enjoy these street portraits:

Here’s the previously posted B&W portrait:

Flaming Sunset

It was a fantastic sunset yesterday, almost on the verge of breaking boundaries.

And, just because it’s Friday:

Pop of Colour: a single leaf

The theme for #photo101 today is Pop of Colour.

A pop of colour and a touch of blur.

A pop of colour and a touch of blur.

In this photo I’ve desaturated the colours, added some saturation to the leaf and added a blur to tone down distracting parts of the image.

Here’s another one. More a touch of colour than a pop of colour.


Waiting for freshly brewed coffee.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


They’re all empty inside, yet they’re all inside – looking out.

Here’s a link to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge where you’ll find more entries for this theme: Inside.

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