In Memory of Gunhild 1978 – 2017

I shot these with my first digital camera back in the summer of 1999. They’re all I have left now. These and a handful of faded memories.

In Memory of Gunhild 1978 – 2017

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Monochrome Yule

Yule is here and so is Monochrome Madness.


A Yule decoration at the Folk Museum in Oslo.

This is my entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness post. I guess it’ll be online about 24-hours after this post. Today I’ve made onion jam and mustard for the upcoming family dinner (in Norway we celebrate on the evening of the 24th).

Edit. Leanne’s post is up.

B&W Challenge 3-5: Yule Decorations

Yule decorationas at a market in Oslo.

The wonderful Ksenia has challenged me to post black & white photos for the up-coming five days. It took me a few weeks to notice that I’d been challenged, but better late than never!

In return I nominate this blogger that I’ve recently discovered: thejeremynix @

In order to take this challenge, you must post B&W photography for the next five days, and each day nominate another photographer to enter the challenge. Good luck!
(Needless to say, but of course you can also choose to not participate or to do it later if it doesn’t fit your current schedule).

Also check out Photo101 rehab:

Good Morning Oslo!

This turned out to be a perfect entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge.
Sleepy people on their way to work. A christmas tree closing in on death.
Christmas decorations, waiting to be packed and stored in cardboard boxes (where they’ll have to wait, just to repeat their short career’s around the same time next year). A tiger with a frozen head – they say you can rub his balls for good luck (OK, so I just made that up, but you can always try). A tram & a bus seen through the icy window of a bus. The central train station.

Early in the morning, hours before all the pick-pockets, junkies & drug dealers have arrived and started their business…

Good Morning Oslo. Have a nice day!

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