It’s a Miniature World

Sometimes I don’t bother to get my real camera out of the bag. In those cases I use my point & shoot Canon Ixus 130, which is basically a mobile phone camera disguised as a camera. If I had the money for it, I would have upgraded my Canon Ixus to one of those new Canon pocket size cameras where you can change the lens and shoot in RAW, but that’s propbably not going to happen (diapers, food, mortgage, electricity, etc, etc.).


Anyway, the last week I’ve been shooting photos using the miniture settings on the camera. In this gallery most of the photos have the fake miniature effect.

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Impressions from Alta II

Here’s the second gallery of photos from Alta. These are shot with my Canon EOS 600D. Like I mentioned in my previous post, the EOS 600D had difficulties handling the white balance at the ice hotel, while the Canon Ixus 130 reproduced the special light & colour pretty accurately. The greenish colour in yesterdays posts is therefore more true to reality than the blue you’ll see in this post.

Canon EOS 600D versus Canon Ixus 130

You can see that there’s a huge difference in how the two cameras registered the colours in this artificially lighted ice hotel.

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The Tallest Man on Earth

Video clips from «The Tallest Man on Earth». He performed live in Oslo on the 13th of February 2013.

The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth

The quality is not so good, because the Canon Ixus 130 does not produce the best results under these light conditions. The zoom is also pretty useless, but here are some video clips from the concert:

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Camera = Bread?

One evening when I crossed this bridge, I wanted to take a photo. As soon as the ducks saw me, they started quacking and came towards me.

Hey! This guy has a camera. He probably has bread too!

Hey! This guy has a camera. He probably has bread too!

Sorry about the quality: the photo is shot with my Canon Ixus 130 pocket camera, which unfortunately creates a lot of noise on high ISO (ISO-500 in this example).

Skuffende Alegria / Alegria Rip off at Oslo Spektrum

Jeg var på Cirque Du Soleil’s show Alegria i Oslo Spektrum i går.

Showet var ok, men det var endel ting som var skuffende og som gjorde at jeg følte det ikke var verdt prisen.

Artistene i Cirque Du Soleil har en del interaksjoner med publimkum, men dette gjaldt kun de som satt på venstre side av salen (når man ser mot scenen) og de som satt foran scenen. Vi som satt i høyre del av salen fikk ikke ta del i dette, selv om vi også har betalt i dyre dommer for billettene våre og satt av tid for å komme på showet.

Oppbyggingen av scenen var ikke heldig: setene er rettet fremover, mens selve scenen var plassert langt mot venstre. Alle som satt på høyre side av salen måtte derfor sitte og vri seg mot venstre i de timene forestillingen varte. Ganske ubehagelig etterhvert.

Forestillingen ellers var bra, selv om det også i denne forestillingen var litt for mye klovneri og litt for lite akrobatikk. Kostymene så bra ut, ihvertfall på avstand (tips: ta med deg kikkert dersom du skal se en av deres forestillinger fredag 01.03. eller lørdag 02.03).

I det hele vil jeg si at showet ikke var verdt pengene, men du får sikkert et annet svar om du spør noen som satt i den andre enden av salen eller like foran scenen.
En ting er sikkert, akrobatikken satt som spikret, bortsett fra en liten blemme som du ser i det første klippet.

Blooper at Cirque Du Soleil’s overpriced show Alegria in Oslo Spektrum.

It was a nice show, but the seats we had were not worth the price and the entertainers only communicated with the audience in front of the stage and to the left of the stage. They hardly ever communicated with the people on the other side of the stage. Extremely annoying, because we’ve also paid a lot of money for our tickets and took our time to come see their show as well.

Another thing: Our seats was facing forwards, while the front of the stage was turned away from us – far over on the left side, so we had to sit in a twisted position during the whole show (and this was after I went down to the ticket office to make sure we got some good seats so we didn’t end up being screwed like last time!)

Except from these things, the show was decent: a lot of clowns and some acrobatics.  The costumes looked good, but from where we sat I can’t really say much about them. If you’re going to see one of their shows tonight or tomorrow and your seat isn’t right in front of the stage I suggest that you bring your binoculars.

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality in these clips, but Canon Ixus 130 is not a good camera in such light conditions (I also apologize for the shaking in the 30 first seconds of one of the clips).  

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Random pictures of TLV

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