A Tribute to Mom

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is to post a three-picture-story. This is my story and this post is a tribute, not only to this mom, but to all the mom’s out there. Thanks for the effort! We owe you all much love and respect!

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Morning at the Western Wall

People performing their morning prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

“They will revere You at sun[rise], and before the moon, for all generations.” (Ps. 72:5). Morning prayers at the Western Wall, Jerusalem.

This photo is shot early morning during sunrise where a group of jews perform a prayer called Shacharit. Observant jews pray 3 times a day (women only pray once). The first prayer of the day is called Shacharit and must take place before 1/3 of the day is over. The other two prayers are Mincha in the afternoon (must take place before sunset) and Maariv in the evening/night after sunset.

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B/W Close-up of Aloe Vera

I’m not much into photos of plants & flowers – normally I find them boring, but today I felt like taking some photos and after I came home from work I neither had the time or the energy to go on a motive hunt outside.
So, I had to improvise:

B/W close-up of an aloe vera plant

B/W close-up of an aloe vera plant. Click for larger image (No shit Sherlock!)

Useless trivia: This plant is actually the son/daughter of a “mother plant”. The mother has also produced 3 other babies – one which I gave to a friend.

According to Wikipedia Aloe Vera “are widely used in the cosmetics and alternative medicine industries, being marketed as variously having rejuvenating, healing or soothing properties. There is, however, little scientific evidence of the effectiveness or safety of A. vera extracts for either cosmetic or medicinal purposes, and what positive evidence is available is frequently contradicted by other studies. Medical uses of aloe vera are being investigated as well.

Kids playing football in Jerusalem

The title pretty much explains everything: Kids playing football in Jerusalem.
I don’t know if there’s anything more to say about this photo…?

Kids playing football in Jerusalem

Kids having fun: playing football in Jerusalem

Do you know any creative / inspirational /artistic  photo-blogs?
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Test shooting at location

I did some research for a photo project I’m planning, which means I had to take a few test shots. Here’s one of them:

Test shooting at location

Test shooting at location

For this project I’ll might need some artificial lighting, but the finished result is supposed to be dark, so too much light will ruin the atmosphere.
The light depends on which direction I’ll end up shooting. This photo is shot in the darkest end of the building, using only natural light, but when I’ll arrange the photo shoot we might end up photographing in the brighter end as well.
The plan was to finish this project today, but I need a helping hand and my friend was busy so it got postponed.

Stay tuned for more!
– Cardinal