Details from the last day of winter?

It’s a bit early to say, but the day these pictures were shot might have been the last day of winter for now…

Of course, winter has its ways and can suddenly come back to surprise us all – weeks after we’d all forgotten that it ever existed. Anyway: one day I was on my way to slavery work as usual and as I was looking out the bus window, I noticed that ice crystals had attached themselves on the branches of our friends: the trees. I thought to myself that this might be the last opportunity to capture this scene on film (or on memory card) for a while, so I got off the bus and took some photos (you never want to miss out on a great opportunity, right?).

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Winter House of Blues?

I don’t about the weather where you are, but around here this is the perfect season for winter photos. So, that’s what I’ve been shooting lately: winter photos.

God sommer?

Above the door the graffiti says: ‘god sommer’ = have a nice summer

Coming up in a month or two: Spring photos.